We rounded up some of our favorite, must-try gyms in Miami for 2018. This is where you are going to want to sweat, train, recover, have fun, learn and enjoy all that the fitness community in Miami has to offer.

Life Coral Gables

This 11,000-square foot studio burst onto the scene in late January 2018, and is packing a sweat schedule every studio would be jealous to have, led by some of the hottest teachers in the area. A temperature controlled Yoga room, locker rooms, blow-dry bar, massage rooms and a full café, are just some of the amenities this gorgeous place provides. Life has created a “come and stay” experience, where visitors can get more than just a sweaty workout. Take advantage of some their new member rates and class packs. Oh, and don’t forget to try the STAY FIT 305 smoothie at the Café – yes, we have our own drink!

Stunna’s Fit

New to the South Miami fitness scene in 2017, is Stunna’s Fit – the “sweat-so-hard” warehouse founded by Gabriel Varona. Stunna’s Fit classes range from Fit Camp and Boxing, to Kettlebells and “Savage Sundays.” You are guaranteed to walk out of this place dripping in sweat, with a huge smile, knowing you can pretty much eat whatever you want, and it still won’t add up to all the calories you just burned.

[solidcore] Miami

One of the nation’s hottest studios is finding a home in Midtown Miami. [solidcore], a Pilates based workout, is a high-energy, ab sculpting workout, that will have you hating yourself in the moment, but loving the results the next day. Squat, lunge, hold, extend and crunch your body through a variety of sequences on [solidcore]’s reformer known as “Sweatlana.” Make sure to check out their new member rates and class packages.

Buddha Shack

The Buddha Shack is the synergy of opposites: cozy yet minimalistic, stylish yet homey and glamorous yet it doesn’t make you feel out of place in yoga pants and a sport bra. The two Co-Founders, Christina Echavarria and Jenna Guadagni, opened the Coconut Grove Shack early 2017, and it has been a smashing success. Two-pound weights, mountain climbers and squat hops combined with meditation and synchronized breathing, creates a yoga class where our cardiovascular, strength and flexibility needs are all met.


Lead by Head Coach and Co-Owner Roger Caibe, Shazam is focused on making a difference with the best coaching guided by movement, nutrition and workout advice. Nestled on Calle Ocho, a few blocks west of Brickell, this sweat shop is offering more than your traditional Crossfit classes. They’ve packed their schedule with Olympic Lifting, Booty Blast, Powerlifting, Partner WODs, Kettlebell Push, Mobility classes and more.

Om Movement

Located in central Coconut Grove, across from Peacock Park, the location couldn’t be more fitting and zen. Om Movement is beautifully decorated with thoughtful sayings, dreamy yogi merchandise and a front desk adorned with plenty of sparkling crystals. We recommend the Om Vinyasa class, a 75-minute heated class designed to help you reach your best form. If you want to try something more high-energy, check out the Prana room for their “Soul Sweat” group fitness class – a high-intensity group fitness workout where the class moves in groups from one station to another.

Brooklyn Fitboxing Miami

Inside this Coral Gables boxing studio, an instructor calls out a sequence of boxing moves: Hook, Cross, Upper Cut, Cross. What follows is a sequence of punches each landing in perfect rhythm to the music. Participants, or “fitboxers” as they are called at the studio, experience a full body workout that incorporates core work and dynamic conditioning. Sensors in the bags track your synchronicity, power, and calories burned. At the end of each class, fitboxers receive a score out of 100%. The score serves as a ranking among fitboxers in the class and in other Brooklyn Fitboxing studios across the world.

Maham Yoga

Maham Yoga is a 60-minute high-intensity flow class set to upbeat hip-hop and pop music ranging from Biggie to Bieber. Classes are designed to be a full-body workout in an infrared heated space. They implement 3D mapping and visual effects that will transport you from Bali to the Swiss Alps. Stay after class to mingle in their co-ed steam room alongside some of the hottest bodies in South Beach.

BFit Biscayne

Specializing in personal training, small group fitness, bootcamps, and pre/post natal training, BFit Biscayne is a must-try studio near Little Haiti, next to Morningside Park. The team has a great indoor space, featuring turf, TRX bands and weights, ready to hit your goals. This great group of trainers takes a comprehensive approach to their training and the community atmosphere they’ve built is second to none in Miami.

Rise Nation Miami

You’ve probably seen D. Wade, LeBron and other star athletes putting time in on the Versa Climber. Well, this 30-minute, high-intensity climb, puts the Versa Climber center stage as a solo act, that activates all the major muscle groups in your body. Get ready to sweat, because Rise Nation Miami is set to open in the Design District as one of five locations available around the world.