Another summer in the Magic City is here. We know you’re sweating to make that booty look good, which is why we already rounded up the must-try booty classes in Miami. But if you’re craving that coveted v-shape abdomen, we got you covered with 10 must-try ab classes in Miami for this summer.

  1. JetSet Pilates Miami

JetSet Pilates Miami is all about challenging your body on reformers to feel the burn through the use of small weights, pulsing movements, and ab contracting moves. This is an intimate studio with an encouraging environment, and trainers. The class is challenging, yet so effective to achieve that lean, strong feeling.

  • When: Monday – Sunday
  • Where: 8 South Florida Locations
  • Cost: Intro Rate – $29, bring grippy socks
  1. TruFusion – Kettlebell Core 

Core work amplified by a 95-degree room with 45% humidity is what you can expect at TruFusion’s Kettlebell Core class. Get ready to feel hot and sweaty, but absolutely refreshed at the same time. Except core-building Pilates style workouts with some HIIT mixed in there.

  • When: Tuesday’s 9:30am, Thursday’s 5:45 pm, Friday’s 10:00am
  • Where: TruFusion Coral Gables
  • Cost: 30 days for $30, bring a mat & towel or you can rent them for $5
  1. Climb Cardio Core

Low impact with high intensity is what you can experience at Climb Cardio Core. The variation of the Pilates reformer and versa climber allows you to build core strength and stability. You work muscles you typically don’t work often with the use of light weights, long holds, and the pulsing mechanism. Engage your inner core, and enjoy this 50-minute challenging workout.

  • When: Everyday “Climb & Reform” Class
  • Where: Climb Cardio Core
  • Cost: Intro class $10
  1. Sensory Fitness

Friday’s just got a little more exciting with CORE Fridays at Sensory Fitness. The studio is lively and the music is exciting. It’s a mix of TRX movements, HIIT with knee tucks and burpees, and some weight training. Just a little bit of everything here.

  • When: Fridays 5am-5:15pm
  • Where: Sensory Fitness
  • Cost: First class free
  1. Rise Nation Miami

Let the music lead you through 30 minutes of an intense and energizing class. The instructors are supportive, and will motivate you to achieve the best results here. Rise Nation Miami is a high calorie burning class in a short period of time, because 30 minutes is all you’ll need.

  • When: Monday – Sunday
  • Where: Rise Nation Miami
  • Cost: First class free
  1. Fight Club Doral – L.A.B

Legs, Abs, and Butt (LAB) is exactly what you can expect to work on Saturday mornings at 9am with Rafa. It’s a HIIT class, and you are guaranteed to feel the burn the next day. Tons of weighted core work, cardio mixed with core, and ab blasters to get those abs on fire.

  • When: Saturdays 9am
  • Where: Fight Club Doral
  • Cost: First class Free
  1. Barry’s Bootcamp

Work those ABS! You’ll hear this a lot on a Thursday at Barry’s Bootcamp because it’s a day to work the core. You have 30 minutes of challenging work on the treadmill, and 30 minutes of core burning exercises. Expect weighted movements, core challenges, and tons of planking.

  • When: Thursday’s all day
  • Where: Barry’s Bootcamp Aventura
  • Cost: First Class Free
  1. Gainz Fit

It’s about to get heavy. This CrossFit style gym is the place to get stronger than ever before. The weights are challenging, but the movements are effective. You can expect kettle bell work, burpee challenges, rowing, and some serious gainz.

  • Where: Gainz Fit Miami
  • When: Monday- Sunday
  • Cost: First two classes free
  1. Sweat Studio Miami –  Tone + Burn

This heated studio is an awesome place to work up a sweat and get that core burning. The class is based off challenging body weight movements, but includes light weights for an extra burn. Except a lot of planks, core strengthening and toning movements.

  • Where: Sweat Studio Miami
  • When: Friday’s 8:30am + 9:30am
  • Cost: First class free
  1. UFC Gym – Hard Core ABS

30 minutes of hard core abs is what you can except at UFC Gym. The class is always challenging, and never the same. It’s designed to make your abs burn so good. There’s ab work with the bosu ball, weighted challenges, and tons of V-ups.

  • Where: UFC Gym Kendall
  • When: Thursday’s 8:00pm
  • Cost: Free day passes