Luxury Miami Beach Hotel, 1Hotel South Beach, has launched a fantastic new health and wellness program for vacationers and locals alike. Dubbed “Mind and Movement,” the fitness program promises a class every day of the week that will participants jump start their day with a blend of various exercises, movements, yoga and meditation. Classes for August Here is a look at the schedule. Keep scrolling for more additional information on each class. Classes are free for locals, so make sure to pop-in for a few sessions.

To RSVP, email [email protected] For more information click here.

Here is a look at the schedule. Keep scrolling for additional information on each class.

Monday: Core Body Burn – 9:30am – Maria & Paula – Turf

Tuesday: Powerhouse Circuit – 9:30am – Lawrence – Turf

Wednesday: Power Flow Yoga – 9:30am – Rene – NE Terrace

Thursday: Powerhouse Circuit – 9:30am – Lawrence – Turf

Friday: Pilates Yoga Fusion – 9:30am – Maria & Paula – NE Terrace

Friday: Rooftop House Flow: 6:30pm – Yana & Sara – Rooftop

Saturday: Beach Body HIIT – 9:00am – Lawrence & Kelli – Private Beach

Saturday: Live Free Flow Yoga – 10:00am – Sara – NE Terrace

Saturday: Core Creative – 11:00am – Ashli – NE Terrace

Sunday: Deep Detox Yoga – 9:00am – Rene – NE Terrace

Sunday: The Elements Yoga & Guided Meditation – 10:30am – Yana – NE Terrace

Class Descriptions

Core Body Burn: An innovative blend of barre-based exercises designed to strengthen, lengthen and tighten the entire body. Integrating the “core” with every sequence, this class leaves no muscle untouched – think oblique’s, sculpted arms, strong lower back and entire trunk movements performed in high repetitions to incite a body-changing burn. Build your strong and solid core foundation that requires little more than a mat but leaves you ready to rock the beach.

 Powerhouse Circuit: This athletic class is a one-hour workout using free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and other fun toys to give you a full body workout. Focus is core strengthening, gaining lean muscle tone and reducing body fat using high intensity intervals in a circuit fashion where participants move from station to station while recovering. Expect sweat, a killer playlist and your coach, ex-Marine Lawrence, to motivate you every step of the way!

 Power Flow Yoga: This strong yoga class flows through well-designed, sequences for a sweaty, intense and exhilarating workout. Emphasis is on strengthening the body by holding postures and engaging mind to muscle through breath. Perfect for all levels seeking a challenging and strengthening experience. Excellent cross training for strength, endurance and flexibility.

Pilates Yoga Fusion: A dynamic multilevel fusion class incorporating the best of the traditional Pilates method with complimentary yoga sequences. Pilates Yoga is taught at a slightly faster pace with engaging sequences to burn serious calories while also improving core strength and stability, lengthen the body and increase flexibility. Burn excess fat and define the whole body in this highly effective, yet low-impact brilliant practice.

 The Rooftop House Flow: Tune into your body, breath and the sunset in our spectacular rooftop yoga-based sweat session every Friday night. This creative class is a lively fluid flow set to and synced with the upbeat tracks provided by our live DJs. An incredible and lively start to the weekend, this physical experience is guaranteed to engage all your senses. Blend breath with beats at the edge of South Beach’s most stunning outdoor venue, providing unending ocean views and invigorating breezes. We welcome all guests to stay and mingle with our community over drinks at The 1 Rooftop bar.

Live Free Flow Yoga: This class puts an emphasis on building strength, increasing range of motion and flowing gracefully through transitions. Creative and challenging sequencing is the theme. Expect a healthy dose of standing poses, arm balances, twists, and inversions along with a strong connection to your breath and core, creating a full-body conditioning class. Accessible to all levels and anyone with an open-mind, be prepared to move, sweat, laugh and play in new and inspired ways!

 Beach Body HIIT: Held on our incredible Private Beach, the venue alone is worth showing up! Using little more than your own bodyweight, husband and wife personal and group fitness trainers, Kelli and Lawrence, will coach you through 60 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) using various plyometic bodyweight exercises followed by interval training runs using the sand, boardwalk, stairs and shaded grassy spaces. This workout proves not only to change your body by reducing body fat and adding muscle tone, it also keeps the client entertained and engaged with the couches dynamic, fun personalities (and insane physiques!).

Deep Detox Yoga: Before hitting Sunday morning brunch, unwind with a very strong yoga practice rooted in detoxifying postures and deep stretch sequences to challenge muscles and reinvigorate the mind to movement connection. Always following a strong breathing technique, the practice cleanses the body and awakens the soul. Expect to leave feeling lighter, stronger and balanced.

The Elements Yoga & Guided Meditation:  Salute the sun and bow to mother nature in this nourishing and rejuvenating outdoor yoga practice. No better place to wind down from life’s intensity and the fast-paced urban environment than a practice rooted in the elements that surround us. After a one-hour yoga sequence, let yourself surrender to an engaging yet peaceful instructor-led guided meditation tying our existence to environment.

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