Coming home with stories to share and a fresh outlook on life are just a few signs of a successful trip. But, what if your “back-from-vacation glow” came with a new edge?

Surf Yoga Beer (SYB) is revolutionizing travel as we know it, by optimizing the places you visit.

Here are the five unique things that set apart the Surf Yoga Beer travel company from the rest.

  1. They’re the first of its kind. Unlike other travel companies who will introduce your adventure via a handout on a dull clipboard, Surf Yoga Beer brings the energy and excitement from the arrival greeting to every interaction along the way. Pushing past the rigid, saturated itineraries offered by traditional travel companies, SYB’s carefully curated trips allow you to both relax, explore, and experience the best-known city spots and hidden gems — and ultimately, aim to ignite the sense of adventure you’ve been seeking and deserve.
  2. They value connection. Alongside teaching you how to master the union of body and mind, a Surf Yoga Beer trip will provide you with lifelong bonds with like-minded people from all over the world. Whether you’re building friendships with fellow participants or becoming good friends with the staff who will both join and guide your activities, you’ll without a doubt find your venturesome spirit mirrored in others and be inspired in the process.
  3. They provide the ultimate travel balance. When you need to escape the everyday rat race, SYB promises to deliver on a limitless experience — pushing you to new levels physically, emotionally and culturally. On one of their curated trips, you can always expect a savoir-faire trifecta of rigorous workouts, enriching excursions and spirited celebrations. A representation of all the fine things in life, fun, fitness and culture, the adventure ambassadors offer both immersion and appreciation of the senses.
  4. They bring a new element to the meaning of exploration. As part of their travel trifecta, Surf Yoga Beer delivers unique workouts and cultural components inspired by the environment you explore. In Iceland, the company planned sunrise runs and geothermal baths. In Kenya, horse-back riding took precedent and Capri gave way to authentic farm-to-table cuisine. Naturally, their trip to the sun and fun capital of the world (Miami) will bring its own glimpse into their global trips with small surprises and curated experiences even locals can appreciate.
  5. They’re coming to Miami. Choosing a city with as much energy and ambition as their humble NYC beginnings, Surf Yoga Beer’s first-ever express-venture is coming to the Magic City from November 8 to 11 and guarantees to bring a taste of everything that makes the urban paradise special.

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