FIBO the world’s biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health, made it’s U.S. debut right here in Miami this past weekend. The festival was full of new tech, interesting people, and lots of sweaty workouts.

Here are 5 workouts we tried at the Miami Fitness Festival.


We had so much fun rocking out and banging on the ground with POUND. A workout designed for all fitness levels, POUND uses weighted drumsticks and simulates playing the drums to train the body. The class was one giant jam session with great music and highly energetic instructors. While some of the moves definitely require some coordination, you’ll be having too much fun to worry about any missed beats. This workout is definitely a unique way of getting an effective sweat.

STRONG by Zumba

This is not your mom’s Zumba class! STRONG by Zumba is a high-intensity interval class that is timed to specific music. That means you are doing high-impact moves, like burpees and squats, versus shimmies and grapevines. STRONG by Zumba is a total body workout that will give you cardio, plyometric, and isometric moves, all in one class. The music, which is what Zumba is known for, was perfectly synced to each exercise and rep, helping us find our rhythm and finish strong. 


XBody was just one of several EMS workouts at the Miami FIBO Fitness Festival. EMS stands for electric muscle stimulation, which means making the muscles contract using electric impulses. Once we were strapped into the full-body XBody Training Suit, each muscle group was programmed individually based on how well we were able to tolerate the EMS until our entire body was being stimulated simultaneously. By the end of a 20-minute bodyweight workout that included seemingly simple moves like tricep kickbacks and squats, we had received the benefits of a 90-minute workout. Not a bad way to boost workout efficiency!


PILOXING is a combination of boxing and Pilates, hence the name. The workout gives you power, speed, and agility like you would get with boxing, combined with the sculpting and flexibility of Pilates. Upbeat music was playing and we switched between moves from those disciplines while combining dance moves. The immediate result was lots of happiness-boosting endorphins, but the instructors let us know that the long-term results include longer and leaner muscles, improved flexibility, and stronger and more powerful arms, shoulders, and back. We also found out that some classes are also supplemented with PILOXING’s signature half-pound weighted gloves, further adding to the workout.

PWR by Kelsey Wells

PWR (which stands for POWER) is a 36-week workout program from the SWEAT brand that brought you Bikini Body Guides or BBG. Kelsey Wells developed this resistance based training program and it can be done using weights and equipment at the gym, or at home using only your body weight, which is what we did at the Miami FIBO Fitness Festival. The workout was carefully structured to help us feel the burn and it included components such as pyramid training, where we did different sets of exercises, each time decreasing the number of reps, and supersets, where we focused on one body part using two exercises and minimal rest.