A new studio in New York City is bringing clients the world’s first cool temperature boutique fitness concept. Miami is known for bringing the heat when it comes to all things fitness with many of us used to working out in temperatures that reach highs of 90 degrees. BRRRN, located in Manhattan’s Flatiron, is dropping the temperature in its classes to as low as 45 degrees. BRRRN may be the hottest new fitness trend in the Big Apple, but it’s the coldest workout you’ll experience.

Clients have three cool workouts to choose from: 1st, 2nd , and 3rd degree. 1st degree is a yoga mobility and strength formatted class at a cool temperature of 60 degrees. 2nd degree, a core and cardio slide board class, drops the studio temperature to a chilly 55-degrees, while the coldest of the three classes, 3rd degree, is a battle rope interval training class that will have you sweating, even in the chilling 45-degree temperature.


“BRRRN is a research driven fitness concept,” says Co-Founders Johnny Adamic and Jimmy Martin. “By paring the benefits of cool temperature exposure with exercise, we can optimize fitness and help clients burn more calories than hotter temperature workouts.”

But BRRRN is more than a workout, it’s a Coldture.

“We live much of our life in temperatures around 72 degrees. We often forget what it is like to experience the cold, and the health benefits cold temperatures offer,” says Adamic.

Miami can certainly relate to this, with the average year-round temperature of 77 degrees.

The studio also aims to build a community in New York City that embraces body positivity. BRRRN believes that performing exercise should be for the purpose of progress not perfection, and you should want to exercise because the movements feel good for your body.

“We want BRRRN to be a community,” Martin tells STAYFIT 305. “We want people to be proud that the sweat they create in that room is from their hard work and not because the room itself was hot,” he says.


BRRRN is a one-of-a kind workout and fitness community. Hotter might not always be better, and BRRRN’s cold concept classes prove just that. Next time you find yourself in New York City, challenge yourself to try something new and feel the BRRRN in a cold fitness class.

All classes can be booked online directly through the studio website, which also offers more information about the benefits of cold fitness.