If you follow Lebron James on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen him call the VersaClimber his “girlfriend.” And after trying Pilates One’s newest class “Burn”, I totally get the love that LBJ has for this machine. “Burn” is designed to be a high intensity, high calorie burning 30 minute cardio class. The great thing about the VersaClimber is that it isn’t just your traditional cardio. The machine simulates the movements of climbing and works out your entire body, building strength in your upper body, lower body, back and core for a fully rounded work out.

I took class with Dani Ohayon. We started class with a few minutes of mat Pilates to warm up and then hopped on to the VersaClimbers for our choreographed cardio. Strides alternated from short, quick sprints to long, reaching strides – working I different areas of our bodies, all while keeping our cores engaged. We also alternated our grips, with underhanded grips working out our biceps and overhanded grips working out our triceps, shoulders and backs. We then lowered into squats to make sure that we rounded off our workouts by targeting our lower bodies. The VersaClimber also allows you to adjust the resistance so that you can change the intensity of your workout.

Once our workout on the VersaClimber was complete, Dani led us in a cool down on the Pilates Reformers, focusing on stretching the muscles we’d just put to work. The class is short, but definitely sweet. And by sweet I mean effective. This is a class that you come to burn off the pounds.

Pilates One is located at 2640 SW 28 Lane in Coconut Grove. Special pricing is available for new students and class packages and unlimited monthly memberships are available.

For more information, visit www.pilatesone.com.