You might think you’ve tried it all. But if you’re still looking for that unique challenge that pushes your limits, then Cykle Jab should be on your list of must-try Miami gyms.

With a combination of cycling, boxing, and weight training, Cykle Jab is here to confuse your muscles.

“You can attend classes every day and you’ll never plateau,” says Cykle Jab co-founder Ralph Jacob.

“The enemy of progress is routine, and muscle confusion is best,” Ralph adds when commenting on the studio’s combination of modalities. Cycling covers cardio, boxing adds dynamism, and weight training finishes off a total body workout.

The cycling portion of the class is not your run of the mill stationary bike. Cykle Jab’s bikes move side to side like a bike would on an actual trail ride. If you’ve ever been instructed while cycling to keep a light grip on the handlebars, these bikes take that challenge to a new level. Your core won’t know what hit it.

Cykle Jab Miami

Boxing is a high-intensity workout no matter where you do it. At Cykle Jab, you’ll be doing it after weights and cycling. Apart from looking like lovely decor, the water-filled bags you’ll be punching are safer for your joints than the usual punching bag.

Layer onto all of this their new Build + Sculpt segment which includes weights and functional  training, and you’ll understand why plateauing is simply not an option.

In this bigger and better space, Cykle Jab includes a personal training section. Further still, Ralph states meditation classes are on the horizon. Now, every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15pm, you can attend a guided meditation.

“Everyone is very fit but not working on their inner selves,” notes Ralph, and aims to address this need in this new space. 

With new 6:00am slots on the Cykle Jab schedule, you can now use a sweat sesh to jump-start your day.

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