According to Forbes Magazine, 70% of American employees hate their jobs. Couple that with the fact that the majority of heart attacks happen on Monday mornings as people anticipate going to a job they hate.

Our lives are often so predictable, so routine, that left unaddressed, work dissatisfaction can leave us feeling resigned, cynical and depressed about life and lead to major health problems.

Liza Pitsirilos faced some personal health challenges that made mornings difficult for her. She soon realized that by rolling out of bed and getting moving before you start your day, can literally change your entire day.

She decided to host several virtual dance challenges where participants worldwide tuned in and fascinating stories resulted. Dance Now Think Later was born.

Liza and her Dance Now Think Later team team moved from a “virtual” challenge to a LIVE event where people join in community, connection and shared intention to use dance as a great way to start the day!

“Dance Now, Think Later” is a healthy morning dance party to wake up the senses and start the day with energy, intention and an inspiring community!

Imagine yourself dancing your face off before work and feeling glorious while doing it. Between funky beats and sweating it out on the dance floor with new friends, you’ll be unstoppable as you embark on your journey for the rest of the day.

Join the team as they host a LIVE event here in Miami this Sunday June 4th at Inhale Spa from 9am – 12pm. RSVP here.