The New York City-coveted, dance inspired fitness experience, DanceBody, unveils major plans for the expansion of founder Katia Pryce’s revolutionary fitness vision. The hallmarks of this growth strategy include the announcement of the brand’s first-ever class offering in the Miami market, as well as a proprietary streaming service that allows fitness lovers to access hundreds of their classes remotely. To commemorate its Miami-area launch, DanceBody will also have a soon-to-be-announced presence at the upcoming 2016 Art Basel, with daily classes aimed at art purveyors and partygoers alike who want to experience Miami in a new way.

With full class schedules and private classes already attracting the attention of fitness tastemakers in NYC and the Hamptons, DanceBody is now offering classes in Miami Beach at Anatomy at 1220. The combined lust for both dance and fitness in the Miami market offers a tremendous opportunity for the brand’s lifestyle to expand regionally.


And to kick the takeover into an even-higher gear, fitness devotees worldwide are now able to access DanceBody at Home, a streaming platform that provides access to videos of hundreds of DanceBody classes for a flat monthly fee. Accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere, the platform features high quality footage of real studio classes – with unparalleled energy.

“Our community has grown on an organic basis, attracting a powerful following that want to experience REAL sweat while feeling genuinely good – not punished,” said DanceBody creator and professionally trained dancer, Katia Pryce. “Most clients use it as their fun hour of the day to literally ‘shake it off.’ The change is in body, mind, AND attitude.”


The philosophy behind DanceBody is to refine a client’s body to resemble the physique of a dancer – even if he or she has never danced before, by offering feel-good motivation and training designed to empower and support the mind. Through well-rounded, full-body workouts and easy to follow classes set to energetic music, each dance is choreographed from a dancer’s brain through an athlete’s body. To learn more or to book a class, please visit