Allison Santini, well known for leading sweat filled spin classes at SoulCycle, has found balance and relaxation through her own line of essential oils. Santini suffers from chronic fatigue often feeling drained emotionally and physically. She turned to more holistic forms of medicine to find ways to recharge and become #SantiniStrong.

“From my job working out all day I had to learn how to protect myself from the ups and downs. I started trying different things such as essential oils, blending different ones I was using together and noticed they were much more powerful,” says Santini.

Instead of using multiple oils to create the desired effect she wanted, Santini created her “Balance” essential oil blends. In collaboration with Monica Redondo, founder of Wholistic Oils, Lit, Chill, and Love oils are all you need to feel energized or relaxed.

Lit contains oils from rosemary, ginger, and lemongrass, all of which bring about an energizing and uplifting feeling. On the other hand, Chill contains oils from peppermint, geranium, rose, lavender, and roman chamomile, all of which deliver a sense of calm and mellow.

“I really want to bridge living a healthy lifestyle with nightlife,” says Santini. “There are more toxic ways for people to achieve feeling energized or relaxed, and I want to show people that essential oils can be just as powerful.”

The last of the “Balance” kit is Love, a body oil containing rose, sandalwood, and pink grapefruit. Love is intended to refresh and recharge skin. All of the oils are extremely easy to use. Just, roll the oils on your pulse points when needed.

What makes Lit, Chill, and Love so unique from other blended oils? Each oil blend comes with a tiny piece of rose quartz at the bottom of the bottle. The rose quart in each bottle has been charged under the last full moon, giving each of the oils energizing vibrations.

However, essential oils are not for everyone. For those who have sensitive skin and cannot use certain oils, Santini is making tea that will have you feeling Hype, Zen, and Healed. Using the same idea from her oils, Santini’s line of teas will bring about a sense of energy or calm.

Lit, Chill, and Love can be purchased as a kit or separately. All oils can be purchased directly through Santini’s personal website. Be on the lookout for more information about Hype, Zen, and Heal. The teas will be available for purchase starting June 2018.