A rebrand of Fit Shop Fort Lauderdale, ROAR Station reopened on February 3, and is delivering increased intensity and high-energy workouts under fierce red lighting.

Owner Adriane Abraham wants ROAR Station to be a place where you come to tap into your inner voice and strength. The goal is to get clients to ignite the rumble in their gut, smash their highest limits, and max out their full potential.

“The purpose in studio is to get you to that place so you’re stronger, not just physically, not just the workout, but life in general,” said Abraham. “I want you to feel what you are capable of.”

The studio is bringing a raw, urban feel to downtown Fort Lauderdale, with subway tiling and chain-link fencing. The interior of the studio was purposely built to help people become vulnerable and let go emotionally. One element of the redesigned studio is the Voice – a wall with empowering messages acting as a constant remind to go harder, be more, and keep going.

ROAR Station is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) station, focused on strength, conditioning, and boxing. MAX OUT is a HIIT and strength classes that alternates focus between upper, lower, and full body days. Classes will vary, with stations combining strength with power and endurance. SMASH is 10 stations of alternating HIIT and boxing. It is high energy, encouraging you to SMASH through anything standing in your way. Lastly, ZOOM is a performance class that challenges your agility.

For classes that incorporate boxing, there are gloves to rent and wraps available for purchase. ROAR Station also sells gloves or feel free to bring your own.

“I feel like ROAR Station is a very meditative workout,” said Abraham. “Come in, check out, and do your thing in the space, go in your zone.”

ROAR Station is located at 729 NE 2nd Ave in Fort Lauderdale. You can also follow them on Instagram at @roarstation.