We are less than a week away from Conor McGregor taking on Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Las Vegas for what’s being referred to as “The Money Fight” and the “biggest fight of the century.”

Floyd Mayweather is undefeated in boxing and a five-division World Champion, while Conor McGregor is the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion. The likely $390-million-dollar question: Who is going to win?

Jorge Agustin (The Box MIA, CKO Kickboxing), Alvin Davie (The Box MIA), Christa DiPaolo (Equinox), and Courtney James (Body and Soul Boxing) weighed in on who will win the fight and what the fight means for boxing.

With little hesitation, Agustin, Davie, DiPaolo, and James all agreed: Mayweather will emerge victorious. Why were they so confident? All the boxers we spoke to emphasized that McGregor is not a trained boxer, and technique is so important at this level.

As professional boxer Courtney James said, “There just isn’t enough time for McGregor to learn the proper boxing technique.” Christa DiPaolo added that McGregor doesn’t have the footwork skills that Mayweather has.

While Mayweather is the odds-on favorite, McGregor is sure to put up a good fight in the ring. DiPaolo highlighted that McGregor is a very talented fighter and is younger, taller and has a longer reach than Mayweather.

While boxers and odds-makers seem sure that Mayweather will win, there is still huge hype surrounding the fight. All the boxers we talked to mentioned the media spectacle surrounding the fight, and talked about what it means for boxing.

“It’s about the show, not the match,” Jorge Agustin explained. “This is more than a fight, it’s a global event,” Agustin continued.

Alvin Davie compared the hype to WWE matches, and mentioned how this fight is bringing an entirely new audience to boxing. DiPaolo raised the question of whether the fight will start a new trend of cross-over fights.

As James said, “I’ll watch it, I just won’t pay for it.” Fortunately, there are many places to check out the Mayweather-McGregor fight on August 26th, without paying the thousands of dollars to see it live in Vegas. South Beach 18 on Lincoln Road, Sunset Place 24 and UA Falls 12 in Kendall will be showing the fight on the big screen for $42.80. You can also catch the fight at Wonderland, Segafreddo Brickell, Fado, E11even and more.