Modern ŌM has been a part of the Miami Community for years, and its founder, Myk Likhov started the Cushion Crawl in 2017, about 6 crawls ago.  It started as a 21-day event of coming together in iconic Miami spaces like the Soho House, the Conrad, the Modern ŌM Bungalow, and even private homes where likeminded Omies gathered to meditate, pray, and gather in positivity for a spiritual reset twice per year.

What started as a community gathering grew over time to include hundreds of participants, and became a real bright spot for many individuals who looked forward to the event each fall and spring.  So in March this year, when the regular spring edition of the crawl was set to start instead of being deterred by the virus that has altered the course of so many things in life, Likhov set an intention and the apropos hashtag #untilwecanhugagain and thus started what has now evolved into Cushion Crawl Infinity.

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Like all of us, Likhov started with a month or two in mind, but as the quarantine grew, so organically did the network and the inspiration of the teachers who were interested in giving talks. Everyone from unknown yogis from ashrams in India to large platform inspirational speakers have participated so far.

“It’s a burst of inspiration, of attention, and wisdom,” Likhov says of the varying daily talks, meditations, and yoga flows, ”It shifts your life.”

Every day at 10 am Modern ŌM has been live-streaming a different spiritual coach, Shaman, teacher, yogi, death doula, or another holistic expert to guide the community so far for 102 days, and keeps a library for members to watch streams if they cannot attend the live version. In just 45 minutes teachers deliver accessible lessons suitable for beginners or long-practicing spiritualists and allow for comments and questions, plugging websites to explore more on the topics of their expertise.

Cushion Crawl Infinity has had over 1,300 participants with about 200 core crawlers, with 102 unique teachers from at least 10 different countries. What started in Miami has become an international movement and in the last few days has featured teachers from Brooklyn, LA, Costa Rica, and India. The experience of the original cushion crawl was truly unique, and the infinity update definitely lives up to the caliber of the original experience.

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To celebrate 111 straight days of a different teacher every day on July 11th, lookout for a special edition, and try it out for yourself by trying a 7-day trial here using the code CRAWLTRIAL.  It’s a great way to experience an array of holistic teachings and get an idea of what the Modern Om community is about.

If you are looking for a more in-depth experience, Modern ŌM also offers Master Classes to strengthen your knowledge in specific areas of holistic with three upcoming options in July on Sacred Medicine beginning July 6, Sound Healing July 22, and coming late July Yoga Philosophy.

Join the Crawl even for a little while and help cushion the blow of feeling so separated from each other right now by joining the huge group of people who believe in joining together to help each other feel positive right now. #Untilwecanhugagain