Workout classes provide us with a sense of community. In a typical workout class, we sweat and push ourselves to levels we once thought impossible, next to complete strangers. While these classes provide us with a place to sweat and focus on our bodies, we often don’t know the names of the people around us. PartyGirl Fit is extending the fitness community created in workout classes into everyday life. Soeuraya Wilson and Rachel Loebs are pulling back the mask of what it means to be a fitness instructor living in Miami. PartyGirl Fit is a podcast that is hilarious, raw, and 100% authentic.

At SoulCycle, Soeuraya and Rachel instruct some of the hardest spin classes you’ll ever take. They found themselves listening to podcasts about other cities, and realized the need for a podcast about the Miami lifestyle. Miami has a certain image: it’s known for partying, but also known for people who live an active lifestyle. Soeuraya and Rachel felt the party and fitness lifestyle portrayed on social media was unbalanced. PartyGirl Fit was created to blend and balance these two Miami scenes. Now they’re sharing what life is like off the podium, living a life of fun and fitness.

The podcast focuses on fitness, but also features episodes about places and people in the local community. Soeuraya and Rachel interview local fitness instructors and business owners on their favorite spots to grab a bite to eat, bar to grab a drink, and favorite places to sweat. The name suggests this podcast is geared toward more female audiences, but truly anyone can enjoy this podcast. Soeuraya and Rachel highlight boss ladies, like themselves, making their names known in the Miami community. With only a few episodes out, the podcast is reaching listeners outside of Miami. Listeners are tuning in from LA, NYC, DC and even London.

PartygGirl Fit

So what’s next for the PartyGirl Fit podcast? Bringing people from the Miami community together. Keep a look out for future PartyGirl Fit events. The two are planning a run in the coming months, an event you will not want to miss.

Still on the fence about listing to PartyGirl Fit? Soeuraya and Rachel give you their top 3 reasons on why you should listen:

  1. You are guaranteed to laugh. Soeuraya and Rachel have no filter, which is a good thing because they are both hilarious.
  2. You’ll become more informed. Guests on the show will keep you up to date about the coolest spots to grab pizza, hear live music, or a new workout class to sweat it out in. No more sifting through Yelp! reviews; you’ll hear it straight from people in your community.
  3. You’ll feel like you belong. PartyGirl Fit is more than a podcast. Soeuraya and Rachel are creating a community. The podcast has no editing; it’s real and authentic. They also care about what listeners have to say. Their website has a contact page for listeners to submit topics or suggest guests for upcoming episodes.

Soeuraya and Rachel just released the 3rd episode last week where they interview local yoga instructor, Julianne Aerhee.  Podcast episodes come out twice a month on their website and on iTunes. If you want more of Rachel and Soeuraya in between episodes, follow PartyGirl Fit on social media: @partygirlfitpodcast. To listen to the latest episodes of party girl fit podcast click here.