Josh Evans knew he was making the right career decision as a collegiate strength and conditioning. Later, Evans got his start in Miami as a trainer at Equinox South Beach in 2015. We caught up with Evans for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow him on Instagram – @themvmtcoach.

Tell us about yourself – where are you from and how did you find your way to the 305?

I’m originally from Syracuse, NY but have lived in South Beach for the last five years.

How did you get your start in fitness and as an instructor?

I worked in collegiate strength and conditioning while going through undergrad and grad school, but my first real start as a true professional was as a trainer at Equinox South Beach in 2015.

What is your favorite part of being a fitness instructor?

I really enjoy connecting every day with my clients, learning from them and their past experiences, etc. I like helping them understand their own health and wellness.

How do you stay full of energy throughout the day?

Lots of coffee! Haha – in all seriousness though, I really do get a rush from being around others who are all striving for positive goals and that’s what the gym setting constantly provides.

What is one fitness myth you would like to bust?

That women can’t lift weights or they will get huge. It is just not a reality for the majority of women. Strength training will actually get you the body you want and help you keep that lean look in the long run.

Tell us a little bit more about your specialty.

I mainly focus on one-on-one training as well as small and large group classes. My focus the past few years has been on unconventional training methods specifically, steel mace, kettlebell, and bodyweight movement. Unconventional training keeps workouts fun and exciting. There’s always a position or move that you’ll find challenging. That keeps people motivate to work hard because there’s always something to improve on!

Other than where you teach, where is your favorite place in Miami to train?

I really enjoy going to Anatomy on South Beach (best amenities in Miami), and Muscle Beach is always a hot spot for other local fitness professionals and myself to come together.

What are you excited about right now?

Just launched my weekly workout subscription on my website You get three full-body high-intensity workouts every week for under $15 a month. All workouts come with 10-15 HD videos to follow along with as you workout.

What is a long-term goal you are working towards or would love to achieve?

I really want to make an impact in the fitness community here in Miami. I want to create a space where people can come together, create and build their own future in fitness. My really good friend Anthony Mendez (@mendezfitness) and I are planning some big things for 2020 … stay tuned!

What do you love about the South Florida fitness/health & wellness community? 

I love how open everyone is to try out new workouts. South Florida has become a place where you see a lot of different training styles and everyone is succeeding. It’s amazing to see. Just a great place to live a healthy lifestyle.