Miami natives Bianca “Bia” Barros, a DJ, and Gabi Torres, a yoga instructor, created Sacred Sweat, a monthly event that combines HIIT training, yoga, and music right before COVID-19 affected our lifestyles.

Barros and Torres grew up together and when they knew they wanted to work together years later, their goal was to mix their loves of working out, yoga, and music. Now their other goal is to bring peace of mind and a healthy option to socialize outdoors during uncertain times.

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Sacred Sweat starts with a 30-minute HIIT workout, lead by rotating local trainers. Next, Torres will lead a 30-minute yoga flow to compliment the workout. After that, everyone enjoys brunch catered by Bebito’s Cafe in Miami Beach and music by Barros, which completes the total mind-body connection.

“The vibe is so amazing, the wind is blowing, the sun is up. And collaborating with long-time soul sister is like no other,” said Torres. “This creates a cohesive feeling that people really feel and love.”

Barros agrees. “The energy between us is very flowing and flows into the people who go.”

The events are held on Sundays as a way to lean into Selfcare Sunday and escape from the craziness that is happening. To respect social distancing classes are currently limited to 15 participants. Classes are held outdoors in a garden area next to Bebito’s with the ocean in the background.

“During COVID we have been so far away from everyone, so being able to meet new people in special,” said Barros.

Bianca “Bia” Barros and Gabi Torres

In addition to their scheduled events, Sacred Sweat is also expanding into hosting private events for individuals or residences.

“This is an event we are very passionate about and we are allowing it to flow in whatever way it takes us,” said Torres.

Their next event is on Sunday, August 30. For more information and to sign up for the upcoming event, you can check out Sacred Sweat’s Instagram @sacred.sweat.