Society Barbell & Fitness has been a popular mainstay in Brickell since its opening in March 2016. The 3,600 square foot functional fitness facility mainly catered to the CrossFit community by offering a “SocietyPerformance” class, featuring the barbell and CrossFit movements. Now, owners Adam Becker and Mike Vouvounas have announced a rebranding to match their updated fitness offering.

“The new SocietyPerformance allows for a ton of creativity from a programming perspective,” says Becker. “The class incorporates several different training methodologies, including bootcamp, HIIT, functional bodybuilding, plyometrics and more. We are not limited to the 20 or so movements that most CrossFit gyms are limited to.”

In addition to the revamped SocietyPerformance class, Glute Camp has been added to the schedule. Formerly known as Booty Day, the 60-minute booty building, firming and toning class remains as one of the more popular days of the week.

“The new program allows for a lot of people in a class and it creates a really cool energy in the gym,” says Becker.

Society Fitness will also undergo some cosmetic changes. New wall art, a gaming and relaxation lounge, bathroom updates, and a tap featuring local breweries will be added.

“Brickell is home to the gym and it is where Mike and I live,” say Becker. “We like to think of Society Fitness as a “third place” for many. You have work, home and you need somewhere else to decompress and shed some of the stresses of life. Society Fitness is that “third place.”

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