The badass in me honors the badass in you. As Hip-Hop and Meditation class concludes, feelings of restoration, euphoria and satisfaction fill my mind. This yoga class has whooped my bad ass.

The Buddha Shack is the synergy of opposites: cozy yet minimalistic, stylish yet homey and glamorous yet it doesn’t make you feel out of place in yoga pants and a sport bra.

The two Co-Founders, Christina Echavarria and Jenna Guadagni, opened the Shack March 1st and it is already gaining a strong loyal Coconut Grove fan base.

Buddha Shack

“This space is a gift for the community, where we can all work on becoming better versions of ourselves,” says Echavarria, who is intent on creating a hub where yogis and non-yogis alike can come together, socialize and get their Buddha Burn practice on.

“We want people to sit on the couch, have coffee and talk about what they do,” adds Guadagni, whose passion is to configure classes where yogic tradition meets modern-day-needs. “I wanted to create a workout where this is all you have to do,” and she does it with ease.

2lbs weights, mountain climbers and squat hops combined with meditation and synchronized breathing, creates a yoga class where our cardiovascular, strength and flexibility needs are all met.

Buddha Shack

Jenna is the yin, as she coordinates the yoga program and creates fat-burning and innovative classes, while Christina is the yang, as she runs the business and retail. These #girlbosses want to help the community find their inner voice, peace of mind and confidence.

The Buddha Shack is a unique experience worth trying, if you enjoy being part of a tight-knit community that you connect with on the mat over a Vinyasa, or in the lounge area over a glass of champagne.

If you live in the 33133, take advantage of their April special, where certain classes will be free for residents of this area.

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