Sometimes we cheat…on our diets. It happens. If you’re like me, maybe you had a sub with the works on white bread (not scooped) for lunch instead of that grilled chicken and broccoli you brought with you to work. Now you feel guilty and you’re looking for a high intensity work out to “even things out” and pretend like that cheat meal never happened. That was me last Wednesday, so I decided to take a boxing class at The Cage Boxing & BootCamp in Brickell.

Located on the mezzanine level at 1060 Brickell Avenue, The Cage Boxing & BootCamp offers high intensity boxing, kickboxing, and boot camp classes that use a variety of techniques including Muay Thai, Karate, Krav Maga and plyometrics. Every class provides a full body work out and personal training sessions are also available. Classes are led by instructors with backgrounds ranging from boxing professionals to professional MMA fighters.

My class was taught by Gail Gensler, who’s been teaching boxing classes for 30 years. The class was welcoming to all levels. Gail was there to make sure every student, new and experienced, had the proper technique while executing each boxing combination. The workout started with a warm-up that consisted of running laps around the room, lateral shuffles and sprints up and down the stairs. Following the warm-up, we went straight into our boxing combinations. Each combination targeted several muscles groups, including upper body, core and lower body, so that by the end of class we’d gotten a full body work out. It was intense and empowering and by the end of that class, not only did I feel like a total bad-ass – I knew that sub had been worked off!

The Cage offers complimentary valet, wraps and gloves. Showers are also available. When visiting The Cage, make sure to enter through the lobby of 1060 Brickell and then either take the stairs or the elevators to the mezzanine floor, where you’ll find the studio.

Classes are available Monday – Saturday and your first class is free. The Cage offers competitive memberships and individual class rates. You can also find them on Class Pass. From now until October 15th, Stay Fit 305 readers will receive 15% off new memberships. Just mention this article and promo code THECAGE305. Purchase memberships in person at The Cage Boxing & BootCamp in Brickell.

For more information on memberships and class schedules, visit or call (305) 395-8676.