Travel adventure company Surf Yoga Beer is changing the way people travel by fusing health and wellness into an action-packed adventure trip. We caught up with Miami Fitness Trainer Aubrey Bailey, who not only attend joined an SYB as a guest but as a lead instructor.

Check out our interview with Aubrey on her Surf Yoga Beer experiences.

Hi Aubrey. For those who aren’t familiar, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your fitness career here in Miami?

I moved to Miami from New York City just short of five years ago. While living in NYC, I danced professionally for seven years and then I took my love of dance and applied it to a stationary bike with a fabulous company called SoulCycle. I’m currently a Senior Instructor teaching at all three locations in Miami (Coral Gables, Brickell, and South Beach).

So how did you get connected with Surf Yoga Beer? 

I got connected with Surf Yoga Beer through Mantas – the creator of the company! Mantas also teaches at SoulCycle. He recently left NYC to open up the first SoulCycle London studio!

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The Surf Yoga Beer trips sound amazing. What have been some of the highlights for you?

The biggest highlight of the Surf Yoga Beer trips, for me, is meeting and connecting with like-minded individuals. I went on my first trip a little over a year ago and was hooked ever since. I have been involved with five trips and have remained friends with all of the people I have met.

So is it just all fitness, all the time? Or do the trips involve more?

The best way I like to explain these trips is by using one of my favorite phrases “work hard, play hard.” We definitely get our sweat on, but we also spend time exploring the destination we are at, experiencing the nightlife scene, and also penciling in a little time for some R&R!

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What about the other people on the trip? Traveling in big groups can be … interesting.

Before going on these trips, I would have said the same thing. Maybe it’s something about experiencing a new adventure all together that bonds us? Or maybe it’s just that the people who sign up for these trips share similar ideas of that work/life balance. Whatever it is, we all end up becoming like a family by the end.

Did expectations meet reality during your SYB trips?

They exceeded my expectations and continue to exceed my expectations with every new trip I go on.

What are you most excited about for the SYB Miami Weekend Adventure?

I am most excited about meeting another great group of people. But besides that, I’m excited about teaching a SoulCycle class to all the attendees with my fellow instructor friend, Phillip. That class is actually open to the public for sign-ups – Sunday at 9:30 AM at the South Beach studio location! The more the merrier 🙂