If you haven’t checked out this bohemian oasis, you’re definitely not living your best life. Tucked away just south of 54th St. on NE 2nd Ave., Upper Buena Vista makes you forget you’re in the middle of the city. Take one step in and you’re surrounded by lush palms, tall trees, shade, and various shops, pop-ups and restaurants that seemingly transformed this city block.

As described by its Manifesto, Upper Buena Vista is a ‘sanctuary for passionate makers where the real revenue is community. Relish in the fruits of your city’s creative culture, watch the seeds planted by curated local artisans and spirited merchants take root before your eyes.’

At STAY FIT 305, we’re passionate about fitness and we relish in wellness, so we rounded up a few of our favorite ways to spend a Saturday at Upper Buena Vista. Sip a coffee, take in some focused cryotherapy on your sore muscles, and make a wish for wellness on the ribbon tree. Here’s your Wellness Guide to Upper Buena Vista. Don’t just take our word for it, there’s so much more to see. You absolutely must go yourself.

Café Crème

A scaled down version of the popular North Miami neighborhood hangout, the French bakery Café Crème offers fresh salads, organic acai bowls and fresh salads. Visit the French coffee station for a delicious almond milk latte AND check out their fresh smoothies daily: Matcha Orange-Passion Fruit, Red Mango, and PinaCoco (bonus: a 16 oz. smoothie is only $5.95!)

Kracken Lab

Complete with a sushi counter, Kracken offers fresh, raw seafood in their “Lab Creation Bowls,” allowing you to choose a base with healthy options like quinoa and cauliflower rice. Fresh tuna, salmon, and octopus are the fresh daily protein offerings (there’s baked falafel, too!). If you’re looking for a light snack, you can grab some seasonal hummus, too.


Cryo Facials on ClassPass? Yas, that’s right, and it’s not just the facials: The KŌV offers Whole Body Cryo and Cryo Focused Healings for specific parts of the body, for just a few credits on ClassPass. They also offer Cryo T-Shock Facial Toning and Cryo T-Shock Body Sculpt. Let me tell you, that Cryo Facial Glow is FANTASTIC, and no better thing to do on a hot Saturday afternoon. Plus, the place has a super relaxing, chill vibe. You feel like you’re in a mix between a very cool clothing store and an intimate spa. Check it out.

The House of Findings

If you want to make a wish on the Ribbon Tree, stop by the House of Findings. The gracious hosts for the ribbons of wishes, you’ll find yourself in there for much more than that. Strike up a conversation with Myra, one of the shop’s owners, who will tell you that she travels the world to fill her vintage, upcycled store with treasures, and even more still, she enlists local artists to put their own spin on vintage pieces. She refreshes the store every week, with much more than just clothing; jewelry, furniture and unique objects fill the store to the rafters.

Feel good bonus: Each donation for a ribbon to put on the tree is given to Onetreeplanted.org and a Million Trees Miami, aiming to populate public housing areas with trees.

Oriana Tattoo

In 2015, famous local tattoo artist Chino Mizrachi opened the Oriana Tattoo Academy to offer the new and old school tattoo professionals educational resources and apprenticeship programs. Upper Buena Vista features his newest location. Pretty smart- looking out at a lush, tropical oasis is a welcome distraction from any pain.


Save the best, aka dessert, for last, right? Ok, I know what you’re thinking: this can’t be healthy. Well, it actually can, sort of. Cholados, a sweet treat from Colombia, are typically made from shaved ice, fresh chopped fruits, and condensed milk. Simply hold the condensed milk. There’s no added sugar to these delicious, refreshing beverages, only what’s natural. Enjoy.

These are just a few of the more than 20 concepts, artisan services and boutiques in this urban retreat. For more information on Upper Buena Vista, visit https://www.upperbuenavista.com/.