2018 is primed to be another incredible year here in the Miami fitness scene and there are some extremely talented individuals leading that charge. We are so excited to announce our “25 Miami Fitness Trainers You Need to Follow in 2018” list. Scroll down to see if your favorite trainer made the list below, and check out our lists from the past.

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25 Miami Fitness Trainers You Need to Follow in 2018

Analys Romao – Personal Trainer

  • Follow: @analys_r
  • Where to Find Her: Love Life Wellness Center, BodyTek Wynwood

Analys Romao

Dwayne Frection – Founder, Friction Fitness

  • Follow: @frictionfitness
  • Where to Find Him: Friction Fitness, Flywheel

Dwayne Frection

Jenna Guadagni – Co-Founder, Buddha Shack

Jenna Guadagni

Roger Caibe – Founder, Shazam Fitness

Hannah Eden – Co-Founder, PumpFit Club

Hannah Eden

Scotty Johnson – Co-Founder, BFit

  • Follow: @scotty_bfit
  • Where to Find Him: BFit

Scotty Johnson

Priscilla Rojas – Personal Trainer

  • Follow: @coach_pris
  • Where to Find Her: Gravity & Oxygen

Priscilla Rojas

Cameron Shayne – Founder, Budokon Mixed Movement Arts University

Cameron Shayne

Starr Hawkins – Co-Founder, Ass N Abs

Starr Hawkins

Sean Velas – Co-Owner, Crossfit Soul

  • Follow: @soulsean
  • Where to Find Him: Crossfit Soul

Sean Velas

Taylor Walker – Personal Trainer

  • Follow: @taylorwalkerfit
  • Where to Find Her: TaylorWalkerFit.com

Taylor Walker

Anthony Mendez – Co-Owner, MSP Athletics

  • Follow: @mendezfitness
  • Where to Find Him: MSP Athletics

Anthony Mendez

Stefanie Cohen – Co-Owner, Hybrid Performance Method

  • Follow: @steficohen
  • Where to Find Her: Hybrid Performance Method

Stefanie Cohen

Skylar Hauswirth – Founder, MahamYoga

  • Follow: @skylar_maximillian
  • Where to Find Him: MahamYoga

Skylar Hauswirth

Gina Palazzi – Personal Trainer

  • Follow: @ginapalazzi
  • Where to Find Her: Mickey Demos Boxing, FitBox Method, FitShop NMB, The Box, CKO Miami, BodyTek Wynwood

Gina Palazzi

Luis Medal – Personal Trainer

  • Follow: @medalmethod
  • Where to Find Him: MedalMethod.com

Luis Medal

Nikki Pepper – Personal Trainer, Anatomy at 1220

  • Follow: @salt.n.peppah
  • Where to Find Her: Anatomy at 1220

Nikki Pepper

Jeremy Abramson – Health Coach

  • Follow: @coachjeremy305
  • Where to Find Him: Instagram

Jeremy Abramson

Stephanie Shames – Instructor, Flywheel

  • Follow: @stephshames
  • Where to Find Her: Flywheel

Stephanie Shames

Cameron Adams – Personal Trainer

  • Follow: @iamcammyadams
  • Where to Find Him: FightClub MIA, Sobekick

Cameron Adams

Vanessa Marrero – Personal Trainer

  • Follow: @vanessa_mmm
  • Where to Find Her: empireathleticsmiami.com

Vanessa Marrero

Roberto Guzman – Founder, 7 Fitness

  • Follow: @robertogtrainer
  • Where to Find Him: 7 Fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp, Anatomy at 1220

Roberto Guzman

Roya Siroospour – Founder, RoyaFit

  • Follow: @roya.fit
  • Where to Find Her: RoyaFit.com

Roya Siroospour

Gui Dapelo – Trainer, Barry’s Bootcamp

  • Follow: @iamkrank
  • Where to Find Him: Barry’s Bootcamp

Gui Dapelo

Frankie Ruiz – Co-Founder, Fitbit Miami Marathon

Frankie Ruiz