Eating healthy can be a serious undertaking even for those dedicated to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Expensive grocery store trips and long Sunday meal preps inevitably lead to the same meals far too often. The folks over at Eat Clean Meal Delivery are changing that with one of the best tasting affordable meal plans in Miami delivered right to your door.

Eat Clean Meal Delivery offers five types of meal plans – traditional, athlete, paleo, vegetarian and vegan. Each plan is customizable to fit your budget and goals. For example, you can have three paleo meals, 6-days a week, for only $9 a meal, which is very reasonable.

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For vegetarians out there, your morning could start off with delicious almond pancakes and fresh fruit. Lunch might consist of a CranApple Kale Burger, with Asian Sesame Meatless Meatballs served for dinner.

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Meat eaters looking for a Paleo meal plan, your day might start with a bacon n’ egg frittata, filet mignon for lunch, and BBQ pulled pork for dinner.

Like to snack between meals? Eat Clean Meal Delivery has you covered, with a whole menu of healthy snacks, vegan and paleo desserts and cold pressed juices to wash everything down.

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