Hard Rock Stadium announced the creation of the Sensory Room presented by The Dan Marino Foundation and Bose Corporation, a space within the facility designed to ensure all guests have a comfortable and private experience on game days and other events. The space is open for the Miami Open as well as all stadium events.

“We always strive to accommodate and assist guests at Hard Rock Stadium and we are excited about expanding our services for those with sensory processing needs,” Miami Dolphins Vice President of Human Resources and Performance Management Sam Coghill said. “The creation of this space was driven by Hard Rock Stadium staff ideas and we knew we had natural partners in The Dan Marino Foundation and Bose to make the sensory room come to life. This was an extremely rewarding project and we are thrilled to provide this safe and inclusive environment for all of our fans.”

Located in section 153, the Sensory Room presented by The Dan Marino Foundation and Bose Corporation is a private air-conditioned room for guests to use as a quiet space.  The room is outfitted with a padded floor, padded wall mounted equipment, sensory supplies donated by The Dan Marino Foundation and other equipment donations made by Microsoft and Bose which are now available for use to all our guests occupying the spaces.

“The Dan Marino Foundation is excited to partner with Hard Rock Stadium and the Miami Dolphins in opening a Sensory Room for children with autism,” The Dan Marino Foundation CEO Mary Partin said. “The stadium has always provided amenities, including sound-reducing headphones and stress relievers. The new Sensory Room gives families the opportunity to attend games and concerts with peace of mind by knowing there is a quiet place for their child if needed.”

The Sensory Room made possible by The Dan Marino Foundation and Bose Corporation is staffed by a certified behavior professional provided by InBloom Autism Services to help provide guests any additional support they may need for a comfortable experience. Hard Rock Stadium guest experience team members also will be onsite to staff the area for all major events. In addition, Microsoft has donated a Surface device to help manage the environment of the Sensory Room and noise-cancelling headsets have been donated by Bose. Additional noise cancelling headsets donated by Bose are available at any of the Guest Experience Headquarters for use during major stadium events at Sections 115, 143, 215, 243, 315 and 343. 

This space in addition to the Nursing Room in section 153, which features a private air-conditioned feeding and sitting area, television, changing table and vanity sink with mirror. Like the Sensory Room, Hard Rock Stadium guest experience team members will staff the area to ensure a comfortable and private experience.