When Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez reversed his rollback Emergency Order that would have closed gyms once again during the COVID-19 pandemic, instead requiring gym guests to wear a mask at all times, Legacy Fit Owner Manning Sumner knew he needed to do something.

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“We are going to do whatever we can to stay open, and do what’s required,” said Sumner. “As a business owner, you have to go the extra mile for members to feel comfortable coming back to your gym.”

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So how exactly did Sumner go the extra mile to keep guests walking through the door? Due in large part to the size of Legacy Fit’s footprint in Wynwood, Sumner ordered the build of a temporary hurricane grade open-air tent allowing guests to train outdoors 10ft apart, thus not requiring a mask.

“You can choose to be a victim of your circumstances or choose to figure it out,” said Sumner. “We have space, to provide our members the opportunity to not wear a mask, so then can stay 10ft apart, and go as hard as they want.”

The tent is a 2,800 square-foot space where Sumner and the Legacy Fit team moved equipment spaced 10 feet apart where they can continue creating the coveted experience guests crave when stopping by Legacy Fit.

“The gym business is a numbers game, and when you’re at 50% capacity, you got to get creative and get people in the doors,” said Sumner. “At the end of the day, the virus isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay. We have to start living with the virus, and assess your personal situation.”