Just because the World Cup is over doesn’t mean you can’t score goals. SoccerShape, the Miami soccer inspired fitness class has recently expanded outside of the 305 and into the Big Apple. So now you can stay fútbol fit in Miami and NYC.

“NYC was always a dream for us, and when one of our founders, Jonathan Borrajo, signed with the New York Cosmos, the stage was set for us to launch SoccerShape NYC,” says Co-Founder Mason Trafford. “Borrajo is especially passionate about bringing the class to New York.”

SoccerShape is a fitness class inspired by the movements done by professional soccer players. Aside from using these movements, SoccerShape workouts embody the team mentality.

“One of the things we love most about SoccerShape, are the connections that our class creates,” says Trafford. “We love to create that ‘team vibe’ that is so special in soccer. One of our main goals with SoccerShape is to bring that feeling of friendship and inclusiveness to the fitness world.”


SoccerShape coaches are believers in the concept of ‘Gamified’ fitness. Their workouts are designed with an element of competition, something to challenge people and track progress. Coaches push clients to master new soccer skills each class.

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“The cool thing about our class is that it’s for everyone, regardless of skill level or soccer experience,” says Trafford. “We’ve had both soccer moms and US National Team players take the same class. That’s why one of our sayings is: Team Atmosphere, Individual Progress.”

NYC – are you ready to get out of your comfort zone and try this unique soccer inspired workout? SoccerShape NYC classes take place in Long Island City, New York at the Upper 90 Soccer Center. To sign up for a class check out the SoccerShape website where you can book both Miami and NYC classes.