School is officially back in session, which means finding time to balance school, a social life, keeping a healthy mind and body and most importantly, your budget. We know that being a student can be tough, so we found 10 Miami Studios and Gyms Offering Student Discounts with a valid school ID so you can workout on a budget.

  1. Stunna’s Fit
    Location: South Miami
    Discount: 20% off for students
    Hard work always pays off is the motto here, so if you are looking to do just that, this is the spot for you.  You can find HIIT workouts, strength, cardio, and a boxing bootcamp. Each day they target a different muscle group, but you will always leave sore.
  2. RedBike Studios
    Location: Brickell
    Discount: 1 free class a week for students
    RedBike is notorious for their party-like studio. When the class begins the lights go off and the strobe lights come on. They always have the best playlists to ride to, or if you are lucky it’ll be a themed ride. Be sure to check out all the instructors and get ready to ride to the beat of the music.
  1. GRIT
    Location: South Miami
    Discount: 10% off for students
    GRIT has many different options for your workout, from Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit style classes to yoga and bootcamp. The classes are always different so you never get bored, and will undoubtedly push you to your limits (in a good way). The trainers are awesome and are always there to make sure your form and technique is on point. Be sure to check their schedule because they always have new classes popping up.
  1. FloYo
    Location: Coral Gables
    Discount: $99/ month with a 6 month contract or 15% off a 1 year contract
    What better way to decompress from school stress than heated yoga? Soothe your mind, stretch your body and rid the toxins from inside with a heated Flo. All levels of yoga are welcome here and the classes rage from a fast-paced power flow to more relaxing classes for those looking to get a deep stretch. 
  1. TruFusion
    Location: Coral Gables
    Discount: $99 / month
    This studio is an excellent place to find many diverse workouts, offering spin, barre, kettlebell classes, hot Pilates, hot yoga, and even a dance bootcamp. The best part is they offer more than 15 classes a day from 6am to 9pm on weekdays so you’re always able to fit a sweat session into your hectic schedule. You can even stay after class, connect to the WiFi and enjoy a STAY FIT 305 smoothie at the onsite eatery, Commissary.
  1. Pilates in the Grove
    Location: Coconut Grove + South Miami
    Discount: 10% off for students
    You can find reformer machines, barre, physical therapy and private classes classes at this studio. Instructors are highly attentive to any injuries or improper form, so this is a great place for people who want perfect their Pilates form while getting a great workout. All levels are welcome.
  1. Legacy Fit
    Location: Doral, FL
    Discount: 10% off for students
    The partner interval training (PIT) studio is a fun way to get a workout in, be motivated by a friend or partner, but also work your body to its maximum efforts. The motto is No Days Off and its trainers and members truly stick to it. This is a high intensity bootcamp class so get ready to sweat – hard.
  1. WaterBiking Studio
    Location: Coral Gables
    Discount: 15% off for students
    You have heard of spinning by now but have you heard of spinning under water? Yes, that’s right. WaterBiking Studios offers intense cardio and strength training class that involves biking, jumping, running, and using resistance exercises all under water.
  1. Burn Bootcamp
    Location: Coral Gables
    Discount: $125/ month for students
    This 45-minute bootcamp style workout takes place at an ‘all levels welcome’ studio. Every Sunday they send out the weekly schedule so you know what to expect and can plan what days you don’t want to miss out on. Every day is different and the results are real.
  1. Casa Vinyasa
    Location: South Miami
    Discount: 15% off for students
    Opening its doors September 10th this yoga studio is going to be an incredible place to sweat it out. The studio is bringing in incredible teachers and infrared lit rooms to give you a full detox while you stretch. Let’s give a warm welcome to Casa Vinyasa and be sure to check out their new studio pricing.