Consistency. That’s the big takeaway here. We asked a few popular Miami trainers what they eat for breakfast and their responses were consistent. They all are eating the most meticulously consistent breakfast every morning.

Its not that much of a shocker if you really think about it – they need a ton of fuel to power them through an onslaught of morning classes. But what’s really cool is seeing how they’ve all figured out exactly what works for them through trial and error, something we should all be learning from.

So, if you want to know what your favorite trainer is woofing down before you see them every day, here ya go.

Christa DiPaolo – Founder of “The Cut,” Equinox

I’m a creature of habit so I typically eat the same thing for breakfast every morning, except when I’m traveling – 1/2 grapefruit, 2 soft boiled eggs, 1/2 avocado, sautéed Brussel sprouts, black coffee.

My favorite thing on the planet are eggs. And I eat them EVERY single day, I’m obsessed with them! I’m equally obsessed with avocado and definitely not afraid of some good healthy fat. I also like to start my day off with some greens. If I don’t have Brussels sprouts, I’ll go for spinach. The veggies keep the meal balanced and add a touch of fiber to keep me feeling satiated.

This tried and true meal gives me the much needed energy for the morning with a combination of protein, fat, fiber and natural sugar.

Elisa Miller – Instructor, Jet Set Pilates

I am on the Bulletproof diet. I wake up and have a fresh cup of Bulletproof Coffee with XCT Oil and heavy whipping cream. The fats help slow down the effect of the coffee, giving me plenty of slow concentrated fuel to get me through my morning. I fast until 3pm each day.


Alvin Davie

Alvin Davie – Partner, The BOX

Because my day starts early and may consist of sparring and intense cardio, I need to fuel my body with protein and carbohydrates that are light on my stomach and quickly digested.

I have recently fell in love with Cytosport’s P-protein Evolve shake and their protein bar. The share and bar both have over 20 grams of protein in each and taste great.

Jai Faith – Lead Trainer, Legacy Fit Doral

My favorite breakfast is steel cut oatmeal with a half banana, coffee with unsweetened almond milk and a tablespoon of sugar in the raw.

Rachel Scherdin – Instructor, Pilates

I have the same breakfast everyday – ½ cantaloupe or watermelon – its easily digested and gives me quick energy to get me though my workout.

Allison Santini – Instructor, SoulCycle

A typical breakfast for me is oatmeal made with almond milk, and I add cinnamon and banana slices on top. I need to eat at least 2 hours before class, otherwise I feel too full on the bike once my adrenaline gets going.

When I wake up for my earlier morning classes I’m not as hungry because I usually eat later in the evening after my night class, but I always make sure I have some fuel in my stomach before class, at the very least a banana or KIND bar.

Dani Battisini

Dani Battisini – Instructor, Tropical Vinyasa

I have a turmeric steamer for breakfast – coco milk, turmeric, fresh ginger, pepper, MCT Oil, cinnamon and coco nectar. A perfect way to “break the fast” alkalizing. Then I go for a coffee.

Jenna Guadagni – Co-Founder, The Buddha Shack

My breakfast is very strict and I follow it everyday. I start with 8 ounces of warm water with lemon that energizes me and provides a nice Vitamin C boost.

Next is a multi-vitamin with 1 tablespoon ground flax seeds inside another 8 ounces of water, followed by one more glass of water to flush out my system.

A drink a coffee with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil before my 6am workout, followed by 2 hardboiled eggs with the full yolk and ¼ avocado.

Laura-Ann Roberts – Trainer, DanceBody

My morning routine always starts with a bit of a cliché – drinking a mix of warm water, lemon, apple cider vinegar, a dash of cinnamon and honey. If my stomach isn’t up for that, since it’s quite acidic, I will make myself a detox Yogi tea.

I follow up with either two soft boiled eggs and a side of greens like spinach, kale of water cress. If I don’t have time to make eggs I will eat some Greek yogurt, berries and a high-fiber cereal. Both give me the stamina I need to conquer my physical day as well as mentally prepare myself for whatever lies ahead.

Amanda Mestre – Yoga For Athletes

I normally have a breakfast smoothie after running two miles in the morning. The smoothie has pineapple, spinach, coconut water, cucumber and a half a banana. I’ll add chia seeds and the Amazing Grass Raw Reserve blend to get my daily dose of algae, spirulina, etc.

Michelle Bertran

Michelle Bertran – Founder, FierceFit Miami

I always have 3 eggs, whether they are scrambled, sunny side up or boiled egg whites. Then I’ll have either whole wheat toast or a whole wheat waffle topped with SunButter and berries. Avacado is another must for breakfast.

Roger Caibe Rodriguez – Co-Owner, Shazam Fitness

When I am training for performance, I wake up and immediately have whey protein. It’s a routine before I start my routine. If I am coaching, I add some coffee to provide some early morning energy.

After that I usually go for 3 egg whites and 2 whole eggs with ½ avocado and chopped sweat potato. Eggs are made on extra virgin olive oil to add my share of healthy fat. I’m a simple guy so this is very often.

On no training days I usually, go simpler so I just eat ½ cup of oatmeal (measured raw). I make it with coconut or almond milk (unsweetened) and add some almonds and cinnamon.

Lizzy Chiappy – Director of Yoga for Athletes, Green Monkey

During the week my breakfast is quick, easy and very nutritious: a smoothie. I use Vega One protein powder which is plant based, coconut milk, a handful of raspberries, a banana, chia seeds and cinnamon.

I like consistency during the week, because it keeps things simple so I can focus on my goals. On the weekends though, my favorite will always be pancakes. I enjoy nutritious ones that are absolutely delicious. That sets the tone for my entire week.

Priscilla Rojas – Trainer, Gravity & Oxygen and The Fit Shop

I am up at 5am during the week so I try to fast for as long as I can before breakfast. I do my best to avoid carbs before noon so that I can allow fat burning through the morning.

Some days I teach high intensity classes early morning and after lots of trial and error, I’ve learned that I need carbs before teaching these classes.

When demonstrating explosive movements, your body resorts to primarily carbohydrates, so when all I’ve had for breakfast is proteins or fats, I feel worn out and sluggish. Trial and error has helped me figure out what works best. Everyone is different and we have to fuel our bodies accordingly.