The Keto diet has made its debut as one of the most popular food trends this past year. If you’re new to the Keto world, check out what you can expect from the Keto diet.

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While the Keto diet has some amazing benefits, you have to follow it very strictly in order for it to work properly for you.

Here are a few quick tips to help you kickstart the diet and hopefully enter the ultimate goal: Ketosis.  

Use CBD Oil

With this drastic change in your diet, this is a great way to maintain homeostasis to many of your body’s internal systems. It will also help you regulate your sleeping patterns. Resilience CBD oils also contain MCT oil. This healthy fatty acid is a keto dieter’s best friend.

Test your ketone levels and count your carbs

It’s important you sharply regulate your diet in order to successfully achieve ketosis. You can test your urine, blood, or breathe for your body’s ketone levels. There are kits online ranging from $10 – >$100s, depending on how serious you want to get.

Prepare before going out to eat.

While this may seem like a high maintenance diet, any meal can become a keto meal with a little imagination. Check the dinner menu before your date so you have a plan. 

Overall, the keto diet definitely isn’t for everyone, but it has some awesome benefits that have led it to be the most popular diet of the past two years.