Miami has no shortage of places to clear your mind and relax via Yoga. With the scenic views Miami seems to provide around every corner, often times a Yoga studio is not needed to destress and meditate, as proven through the free 3rd Street beach Yoga class. However if you are looking for a studio to drop in, here are our recommendations to choose from.


1). Pilathon

Pilathon is located in the center of Wynwood and focuses on Pilaties but also offeres “Mix ‘n’ Match” classes designed to boost energy and health, including Rooftop Yoga. Set to a 360 degree view of Miami, Pilathon classes are 60-90 minutes in length welcoming all levels of those who wish to relax and restore their inner balance. Rooftop Yoga is not to be missed and more information can be found at

2). Green Monkey Yoga

Green Monkey Yoga is one of the more popular options to choose from in Miami. With locations in Coal Gables, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Naples, Green Monkey also welcomes all levels of experience and offers teacher trainings. Drop in for a single class or enroll in a year long membership. For more information visit


3). Love Life Wellness Center

Located in the heart of Wynwood, Love Life Wellness Center is a great place for novice and seasoned yogis offering a variety of classes including guided meditations and health and life counseling. For more information visit


4). Om Beats Yoga Studio

Located between Brickell and Little Havanna on 8th street, Om Beats Yoga Studio covers a broad range of Yoga styles offering classes and private lessons to all experience levels. For more information visit