Can’t find any exercise equipment in stores or online? No problem, here are five household items that you can use instead of fitness equipment.

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1. Gliders

Want to hit your favorite Pilates or sculpting class and you don’t have gliders? No sweat, you can use two towels on the floor. If you have carpet, you can use Ziplock bags or paper plates. If you’re taking your workouts outside on concrete, go grab a pair of skates or even a skateboard, the wheels will help you glide.

2. Weights

Want to lift with dumbbells or kettlebells but they are sold out across the board? Another simple fix, use your laundry detergent. If it’s not heavy enough, you can use a backpack and fill it with books or heavy items. For those mini dumbbell classes, check out your kitchen. You can use cans or water bottles. Truly, anything can be used as a weight these days, you just have to step out of the box to get creative.

3. Resistance bands

Alright, this one takes the cake for extra creativity: stockings or tights. You can double wrap them around your legs to make a booty band. Or you can hold each end to keep them long and use as extra resistance.

4. TRX

You want to practice suspension training? I got you covered. There are two options but just be sure you follow the steps properly. You will need either a towel or a sheet, try to pick something thin. Grab the top two corners of the sheet/towel and bring them together, thus folding it sideways. Now the sheet/towel should be long, make a knot in the middle of it. Place the knot part on top of the door on the other side. You must completely shut the door, with the towel/sheet hooked at the top. Pull on it a few times to make sure its secure, once it is, get after it.  

5. Bodyweight

Last but not least, use your own body! There are so many benefits to training just bodyweight. Some of the hardest workouts require no props at all. You can always mix up your bodyweight routine by playing around with different formats. For example, you can focus on plyometrics, isometrics, or even tempo. Our body can do so much more than what we think it can, we just have to start using it.

All in all, you don’t need exercise equipment to get in a killer sweat. You have all the tools that you need right at home, just use some creativity. With that being said, I hope this helps you crush those workouts at home. Remember, stay consistent and stay positive! #beastmodeON