It’s officially the holiday season – which means food is on the top of everyone’s mind. Here’s a few items we recommend you add to your grocery list to make your holiday fun a little less overindulgent.

  1. Gluten Free Bread Crumbs, why bread crumbs? Because, stuffing is the way to everyone’s heart (especially when it’s gluten free). Why spend the holidays feeling lethargic from over eating crap food, when you can get the same holiday feels and taste with healthier options. Put your infamous stuffing recipe to the test with gluten free bread crumbs.
  2. Cranberries + Dried cranberries, I say both because they are equally essential. Top any salad or side dish with dried cranberries for a holiday flare. When shopping for dried cranberries make sure there’s no added sugars because there’s no need. Dried cranberries are sweet on their own and with out the added sugars. Fresh cranberries double as an excellent tasty snack, or to give your thanksgiving table some color
  3. Turkey, this one may be a given, but I want to remind you that when shopping for a turkey there’s no need to get the largest turkey on the shelve (because chances are it’s going to be filled with GMO’s and additives.) It’s better to get two regular sized turkeys than one massive one that was fattened with awful ingredients. Shop organic if possible, Non-GMO, and make sure there are no hormones that were injected in the turkey.
  4. Kombucha, Yes. Kombucha. The holidays are here, and people often over eat way too much. Keep your gut in check with a tasty cup of kombucha. It serves as a great bubbly drink to pair with your thanksgiving meals, and the probiotics will keep you feeling right.
  5. Sliced almonds, I literally top all my thanksgiving dishes with sliced almonds because they make every dish so crunchy. Green bean casserole? Top it with sliced almonds. Butternut squash soup? Throw some almonds on top. If you are a Costco member, make sure to get these thanksgiving ingredients at Costco so you can save some money and buy in bulk if you have a large party coming over.