When was the last time you took a Pilates class? Women answering this question might say “within the past week.” Men on the other hand, not so much. Pilates have long carried the reputation of being not as masculine, even though more and more athletes are turning to them as a way to prevent injuries. For Rachel Scherdin, a professional Pilates instructor, this myth doesn’t hold any weight, especially given her roster of athlete clientele.

“There is a stigma that Pilates is just for women. But take one look at my schedule and you’ll think twice,” says Scherdin. “First time male clients are shocked to how challenging Pilates can be, but love the results.”

Men can benefit from Pilates, whether you are professional athlete or just looking to start a physical fitness regiment. That’s why Rachel shared with us, 5 reasons why men should try Pilates. Don’t forget to book a class with Rachel at Body & Soul, Pilates Pro WorksClimb Cardio Core or a private session with her at Redzone Fitness.

Rachel Scherdin

5 Reasons Why Men Should Try Pilates:

  1. Improved Posture – Lets face it, we spend most of our time hunched over looking at cellphones and computers, and neglect proper posture. Pilates exercises can be a wonderful way to help you change bad posture habits, like the tendency to round forward at the upper back (kyphosis). Pilates places the body in safe positions to improve alignment, strength, and flexibility.
  1. Strengthen Core – If the trunk of a tree is not strong, the limbs are useless, right? The same with can be said for the human body. We always train out legs and arms (our limbs), but we often forget about the trunk (our powerhouse). Pilates uses the deep core muscles called the powerhouse, which consist of the abdominals, back and pelvic floor. Pilates can strengthen the powerhouse and give that definition we all love.
  1. Low Impact – Pilates is low impact so it can make a big difference on your body without taking a toll on it. It is often used as a physical therapy method to treat joints. Pilates can be for anyone – men/women, young/old or injured/healthy.
  1. New Muscles – Clients always say, “I didn’t know I had a muscle there, wow it burns.” Pilates forces you to fire up deep intrinsic muscles by consciously moving with precision in a certain way that will give you a burn in the neglected muscles you don’t normally target with weight training.
  1. Improved Balance – The exercises are designed to increase balance and flexibility, translating to better performance in other activities.

*Bonus – Not to mention, if you are a guy looking to meet someone, Pilates classes are filled with women.