Eating out and staying fit is really not as much of a struggle as it used to be. Now, even going to a baseball game won’t put a damper on your healthy eating pattern! Sporting event’s concessions typically include what I like to call “sometimes foods,” – sometimes we have been doing so well – working out and eating right – that we don’t want to let a little baseball game rain on our parade right?! So, I put together these 5 tips to help you stay healthy while watching our fish!

  1. Section 26 – Gluten Sensitive?

No problem. Marlins Park makes life that much easier for you by offering an entire concession stocked with gluten-free goodies for all my friends avoiding gluten like the plague. But are we even shocked? 1 in 133 Americans ~ 1% of the population in the United States has Celiac Disease and it is estimated that 83% are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all! It kinda makes you want to check out the GF stand next time you’re munchin’ on a hot dog and not feeling so hot by the 7th inning.

  1. Section 5 – But If You Absolutely Must Dog…

Try the ‘Miami Mex Taco Dog’ because at least there are some veggies involved, and they switched out the bun for a little tortilla. Sometimes foods, remember? It works.

  1. Section 27 – Taste of Miami

Except you won’t be stopping by this stand for a Cuban sandwich, you will be stuffing your face with fresh fish ceviche, yum! I love a solid ceviche, and with hot, sticky summer weather coming up, this dish is the perfect snack while watching the fish. Watching the fish while eating fish – is that too much?

  1. Section 18 – Shine Bright at Diamond Juice Bar

The Diamond Juice Bar is a nice option for a hot summer day at the park. They offer fresh blended smoothies and juices made with 100% fruits and vegetables and no preservatives or added sugars (the best part). This is a wonderful alternative to the “lemonade” slushes (aka sugar rushes) that you so readily see at sporting events.

  1. At Your Seats – Get Your Peanuts!

Yes, these guys want you to get your peanuts, and for good reason! While not technically a nut (actually a legume, and not the point) these babies pack a nutrient punch. Just a one ounce serving of peanuts provides 161 calories, 16.1g of fat – the good kind (6.9g MUFA and 4.4g PUFA), and 62 mg phytosterols plus 2.4 g of fiber! Now that may be like reading hieroglyphics to some of you, but plain and simple; getttttttt your peanuts! They’re much more nutrient dense than your chili cheese dog / chili cheese nachos – don’t do those – just sayin’.