Whole Body Cryotherapy is a cold air sauna where your body is immersed in temperatures of -220 degrees Fahrenheit. It was originally made to treat patients who suffered pain and inflammation from arthritis. Nowadays, athletes undergo the three-minute process to help speed up recovery and improve athletic performance.

We know Cryo sounds a bit intimidating, so before you show your body some nice, tender (cold) love, here are five things to keep in mind before you step in the tank.

  1. It’s not that bad. Surprisingly, it is an uncomfortable yet energizing feeling

Before the procedure, you will feel a bit anxious because you’ve never done anything like this before. But think about it, anything that’s worthwhile in life is going to give you anxiety. Better learn how to deal with it now than when you’re about to jump of a plane while skydiving.

  1. Don’t let the waiver scare you. Read it, don’t overanalyze it

Gyms have waivers, universities have waivers. Society needs them to keep parties’ accountable for their actions. Read it, sign it and get your Cryo on!

  1. Tell them to turn up the music – LOUDER

As minute two approaches, you will feel the need to scream or perhaps sing. Ask them to turn the music up as loud as they can and sing your heart out. This will distract your mind and focus your energy on what you’re saying rather than what you’re feeling.

  1. MOVE your body

What better way of complementing your wonderful voice than to dance? It might sound ridiculous now but when I was doing my session at Cryo Miami, what kept me going was singing and dancing “despacito” while naked in a 2×2 cold-air chamber.

  1. Breathing is key

As you approach minute three, you’ll realize this is the thousandth time you’ve sang “despacito” and it isn’t doing the best job at keeping you warm. So just take a deep breath – in through your nose and exhale it as aggressively as you can through your mouth.

Although it isn’t a piece of cake, the post-Cryo feeling can’t be beat. Your body feels renewed and energized. Oh, and did I mention you burn 300-600 calories a session?