Your vacation is finally approaching. Although it’s supposed to be a break from work, school, or the general hustle and bustle of everyday life, traveling can be stressful, too.

 You’ve been planning this trip for weeks. You have your list of references and must-see spots in your phone, but what about the fitness regimen you’ve been crushing for the past couple of months? Or even the one you just started last week?

Just because you’re traveling and want to rest, relax, and indulge, doesn’t mean you have to completely derail your fitness plans.

Here are six tricks for keeping your fitness goals on track while traveling.

Don’t Forget a Reusable Bottle of Water 

This is a helpful tip for several reasons. First, beware that many restaurants in countries outside the US charge for water. This can save a buck and will keep you hydrated throughout the day. If you’re tight on space, there are collapsible water bottles that are total game-changers. Fill it up to take with you throughout the day and collapse it down to nothing when you’re packing up to head home, or to your next destination. 

Bring a Band for a Quick Night or Morning Sweat Sesh

Totally understandable if you’re skipping the Hilton and staying in a local bed and breakfast. Although you may not have a swanky gym to squeeze in a morning workout, you will have enough room for band workouts.

A band is a perfect fitness tool to bring on vacation. It’s small, super lightweight, and will allow you to get your sweat on with little space. You can find inexpensive, high-quality brands on Amazon. There are tons of awesome band workouts online you can follow as well. Even 15-20 minutes can make a difference. 

Biking or Walking Tours Instead of Bus or Segway Tours 

If you’re booking a sightseeing trip instead of a beach vacay, there’s a good chance you’re going to spend a lot of your time on-the-go. Skip the bus or (dare we say it) Segway tour and rent a bike or pull out your comfy walking shoes. Not only will this allow you to explore like a local, but you’ll get your heart pumpin’ enough to justify the gelato you order after dinner.

If you’re hanging on the beach for the week, what’s a better spot for a HIIT workout than by the shore? You can head down with your beach chair and do a 15-30 minute HIIT workout in your swimsuit before relaxing for the day. 

Don’t forget to Sleep

Half the reason you’re planning this trip could be just to get those full 8+ hours of sleep. For those packing as many activities into your trip as possible, sleep may be low on the priority list. Try taking some Resilience CBD Oil to help regulate your sleep patterns and keep your energy up throughout the day. 

Pack Your Own Protein Powder or Breakfast Bars 

Food is obviously a huge aspect of immersing yourself in different cultures and it’s easy to ignore healthy eating habits on vacation. We are not saying you should sacrifice your experience in order to uphold your low-carb diet, but there are ways to find a balance.

Try packing a protein powder or your favorite healthy protein bar to supplement your hunger throughout the day. Maybe even skip the morning croissant and have a bar instead. This will keep you from indulging so hard at the all you can eat pasta buffet, while still getting a little taste for your new favorite city.  

Hit the Grocery and Cook  

This is a no brainer. Pick up some fresh fish, or hit a local farmers market and cook dinner as much as possible during your trip. Not only can you try fun local recipes, but you can also control exactly what you’re putting in your body.