Everyone is gushing over a new workout but you are still unsure. It looks great, but you’ve fallen for the hype before and have been burnt. You want to try something first, before you commit some of your hard earned dollars towards a monthly membership. Luckily for you, there are some great gyms in Miami that are on the same page. Here are 8 Miami fitness classes you can try for free.


If you are ready to get sweaty, sore, and fit, Flywheel is a must-try spin class. Lead by energetic and inspiring instructors, this high intensity workout combines light weights, giving you a total body workout.

Orange Theory

The uber popular workout is designed to have participants burning calories in the “orange zone.” Orange Theory packs rowing, weights and treadmill work into an intense 60-minute workout.

8 Miami Fitness Classes You Can Try For Free

Bayfront Yoga

Don’t miss free Yoga every Monday and Wednesday at Bayfront Park. The class kicks off at 6pm, with participants only needing a mat, towel, water bottle and positive vibes. If that time doesn’t work, start your weekend off right with the 9am class Saturday morning.


Kickboxing may sound intimidating for first timers, but don’t be discouraged. The team at Sobekick are there to guide you through every heat-pumping punch and kick in this action packed class.

Iron Flower Fitness

Get your first class free when you sign up for one of their Personal Training, Pilates, Spinning, Zumba, TRX or Ballet Barre classes. Sorry boys, Iron Flower Fitness is a “women only” gym. This place is full of good vibes, girl power and motivation to get in shape.

8 Miami Fitness Classes You Can Try For Free

Sensory Fitness

The “club-like” atmosphere is a hot trend in fitness right now. Sensory Fitness has crafted the perfect blend of a high-intensity interval training program, with the restorative principles of Yoga and Pilates, to create a must-try experience.

Body & Soul

Already on our list of “8 Miami Gyms You Need to Try,” Body & Soul offers a variety of exciting classes including personal training, CrossFit, Spinning, Dance, Cardio Boxing, Yoga and more.

Society Barbell & Fitness

The latest class at Society Barbell & fitness dubbed “Society Fit,” combines elements of metabolic-conditioning, HIIT, Boot Camp and Plyometric Training, eliminating the barbell from your workout.  Using only ropes, medicine balls, boxes, dumbbells, kettle bells and agility equipment, Society Fit is a great option for both CrossFitters and non – CrossFitters alike, requiring zero prior experience.

8 Miami Fitness Classes You Can Try For Free