Whether you are looking to jumpstart your New Years resolution or change up your current workout regime, we’ve rounded up 8 Miami gyms you need to try in 2016.

  1. Fast Twitch

Fast Twitch is an Under Armour Elite Training Facility with three locations in South Florida. Fast Twitch facilities are strategically designed to integrate the main elements of training: functional strength, resistance training, speed and agility, plyometrics, and core strength. More information at www.FastTwitch.training/.


  1. The Fit Shop NMB

The Fit Shop NMB is a high-intensity fitness training studio that hosts kickboxing and bootcamp classes. Check out their schedule for popular classes that include “The Burnout” and “Supercharge.” More information at www.thefitshopnmb.com.


  1. Anatomy at 1220

Anatomy at 1220 has built quite the reputation for fitness luxury. Amenities include hot and cold plunges, an infrared sauna, eucalyptus steam room and a Vitamin IV Lounge which is home to VitaSquad, a leader in vitamin infusion here in South Florida. Anatomy at 1220 is not to be missed. More information at www.anatomyat1220.com.

Anatomy at 1220

  1.  Elite U Sports Academy

Over 15,000 square feet make up Elite U Sports Academy. Drop in any day of the week to try their bootcamp / sports training style classes. More information at www.eliteufit.com..

Elite U

  1. Legacy Fit

Founded in 2008, Legacy Fit represents the finest in personal and professional level physical fitness. Drop by their location in Wynwood for an intense sweat after working through one of their high intestity partner interval classes. More information at www.legacyfit.com.


  1. Epic Hybrid Training Miami

The toughest gym in New York just set up shop in Brickell and is bringing you a total body training program that helps people of any fitness level tap into their inner athlete. More information at miami.epichybridtraining.com.

Epic Hybrid Training

  1. Body & Soul Fitness Facility

Body & Soul is a luxury boutique club you can’t miss. They offer tons of great ammentities, personal training, Crossfit, spin, dance, cardio boxing, yoga classes and more. Make sure to grab a bite after your workout at The Health Nut Café. More information at www.bodyandsoulmiami.com.

Body & Soul Fitness Facility

  1. DBC Fitness

Located in the Design District, DBC Fitness is a facility fit for pro athletes or those who wish to train like one. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and other athlete athlets have all chose DBC Fitness as their training enter of choice. Make sure to drop in for a session with David Alexander or Flavia Assunção during 2016. More information at www.dbcfitness.com.

DBC Fitness