At Stay Fit 305, we are all about keeping you in-the-know on everything from fitness to staying active to eating healthy in South Florida.

But, we would be lying to you if we said we didn’t indulge in the occasional cheeseburger or donut. After all, we got to live a little, and with the great restaurants in the South Florida area, it’s near impossible to not give in to that occasional cheat meal.

So, where are our go-to spots when we want to take a little break and get our cheat meal on? Here are eight mouth-watering cheat meals in Miami, because we all deserve it.

Blue Collar Miami

Blue Collar

Head up to the MiMo area for one of our favorite cheat meal spots serving some good ‘ol comfort food that’s taken-up a notch.

They have what they call their “Dailies” which are rotating parm, rib and braised dishes. Think chicken parm piled high, smothered baby back ribs or braised pork shoulder.

Their veggie chalkboard will also make you want to eat your vegetables with a ton of options like spaghetti squash with parm and butter, cheese grits, collard greens with bacon, sautéed kale, veggie fried rice – just to name a few.

If you just want some “nosh,” as they call it, try the duck confit quesadilla, Cuban sandwich spring rolls or the fried smoked gouda.

Eating House Miami

Eating House

The ever-changing menu at this Coral Gables spot keeps us guessing as to what our next cheat meal will be, but hands-down, they never turn out a bad dish.

Rotating menus for lunch, dinner and brunch at the small, eclectic restaurant offer small plates to share and larger dishes to chow-down on.

Some of our more recent faves include the short rib grilled cheese, fried Brussel sprouts, pasta carbonara, candied bacon or the Cap ‘n Crunch pancakes.

Harry's Pizza Miami

Harry’s Pizza

If we are going to get pizza, we go all out. With a few locations (Design District, Coconut Grove and Kendall), the quick-oven fire pizzas take fresh ingredients and give the traditional pizza pie a twist.

Choose from fan favorites like the braised short rib with gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and arugula or the slow roasted pork, fig, roasted onion, fontina, arugula.

If you must feel a bit healthy (or want the veggie option), check out the kale caramelized onion, chili flake, fontina, parmigiano pizza.

Lokal Miami

Kush or Lokal

No cheat meal list is complete without a few burger options. Both Kush (Wynwood) and Lokal (Coconut Grove) serve your-not-so-average burgers at the edgy establishments like Juans’s Fidy-Fidy that is made with 50% beef and 50% bacon – enough said.

There is even a burger on a donut from The Salty Donut (we will get to that one!). Try the Johnny Utah at Kush (voted best burger in Miami) that is topped with pastrami.

Both Kush and Lokal offer a variety of other menu items and a robust selection of craft beers.

The Salty Donut Miami

The Salty Donut

The artisanal donut shop more than satisfies our sweet tooth with their chef-made, small-batch craft donuts.

The Wynwood establishment has quickly become one of the most Instagram-worthy hot spots in the hipster neighborhood with “flavors” like maple bacon, guava + cheese or Nutella.

The shop also has weekly rotating specials, but when they are sold out, that’s it – they are gone!

Their coffee menu is also on point because nothing goes better together than coffee and a donut.

Tap42 Miami


Because we all love brunch and need a good bottomless option, Tap42 is a solid go-to for a weekend cheat meal.

With four locations across South Florida (Coral Gables, Midtown, Fort Lauderdale and Boca), the bottomless brunch menu available on both Saturday and Sunday will satisfy your indulgence whether you are seeking that savory or sweet brunch item.

Bottomless drinks ($13) include choice of mimosas, bloody mary’s or Funky Buddha Floridan.

Menu items we can’t get enough of? The Hangover II – sunny side up egg, smashed avocado, hash brown, cheddar cheese, bacon, truffle aioli on a challah bun; or the Chocolate Banana French Toast.

Wynwood Parlor

Wynwood Parlor

As hot as it gets in Miami, it is near impossible to not have a craving for ice cream and Wynwood Parlor solves that problem.

The handcrafted ice cream sandwiches take your old school chocolate-and-vanilla sandwich to a whole new level.

The extensive menu options include classic, key lime pie, cereal bar (rolled in frosted flakes), breakfast sandwich (rolled in bacon bits) and even two vegan options.

Bonus: they deliver.

Yardbird Miami


Farm-fresh ingredients and classic Southern cooking, the Miami Beach restaurant has all your favorite cheat meals all on one menu, down to the side dishes.

A fried green tomato BLT or smoked brisket biscuits are two of the small plates that are a must on our cheat meal list.

To really embrace your inner Southern charm, look no further than the shrimp ‘n grits or Lewellyn’s fine fried chicken with honey hot sauce.

And, if that is not enough, check out the side dishes like skillet cornbread or macaroni & cheese.