The premise behind Body20, a company that originates from South Africa, seems too good to be true – in as little as one, 20-minute workout a week, their state-of-the-art technology is going to create a stronger you and help you gain more lean muscle faster.

But how? Those 20 minutes are the equivalent of four hours of exercise, thanks to state-of the art technology. The technology is called EMS training, or electro-muscular stimulation.

“We guarantee a professional workout every time by giving the body 36,000 muscle contractions in just 20 minutes,” says Boca Raton Body20 studio owner Zack Moliver. “That’s 150 times more than the average person could do in an hour at the gym. It’s not a magic pill, but it will save you hours a week in the gym.”

First, Body20 uses InBody analysis to measure muscle and fat mass for a consistent and reliable way to track results and set fitness goals. Then, you put on special lyrca clothing and an electric training suit, adding to the futuristic feel of the workout. The lyrca and the training suit drive electric currents which produce the involuntary muscular contractions. Now you are ready to workout.

Body20 has both strength and cardio programs – strength to build lean muscle and fat loss, and cardio to increase metabolic and cardiovascular fitness. During the strength workout, you do low impact exercises such as planks and squats at the same time as your muscles are being stimulated with the electric impulses. Beginners do this for four seconds on and four seconds off.

The minimal equipment in the room and the ability to workout barefoot may be confusing at first, but it doesn’t take long to realize the intensity of the workout.

The cardio workout incorporates a lower frequency of electric current with classics such as the treadmill and the assault bike.

Both workouts have progressions as you get more comfortable with the experience and look for a greater challenge.

EMS training is proven to be safe and effective for all walks of life and all ages. It is great for weight loss and toning, and also for assisting with injuries post-rehabilitation. Some of the benefits include that it is easy on joints, helps correct muscle imbalances, strengthens the core, increases muscle definition, and is fully customizable.

“At Body20, I can give [customers] the workout that they need and get results much faster than ever before, especially for people that are not used to or know how to work out,” said Moliver.

Do not underestimate this technology-based workout and how sore you will remain for days following. Body20 and EMS training is truly something you need to experience to understand!

Check out the studio for your own complementary InBody analysis and 12-minute experience to see how Body20 can help you reach your goals. They are located at 100 Plaza Real S, Unit A, Boca Raton and you can follow them on Instagram at @body20boca.