Fitness is no stranger to rhythm-based classes. Sweating is more fun when exercises are choreographed in time to drum beats and guitar chords. Brooklyn Fitboxing Miami puts a rhythm-based twist on traditional non-contact boxing classes.

Inside the Coral Gables boxing studio, an instructor calls out a sequence of moves: Hook, Cross, Upper Cut, Cross. What follows is a sequence of punches each landing in perfect rhythm to the music. Brooklyn Fitboxing is a unique boxing experience.

“The workout originated in Madrid, Spain,” explains Coral Gables owner, Gabriel Lamas. “The name comes from the, strong association between “Brooklyn” and a certain feeling of toughness, a raw feeling.”

He goes on to explain that “Fitboxing” was used to highlight that the workout is more than just boxing. Participants, or “fitboxers” as they are called at the studio, experience a full body workout that incorporates core work and dynamic conditioning.

Are you someone who likes competition? Brooklyn Fitboxing utilizes sensor technology in each heavy bag. The sensors track your synchronicity, power, and calories burned. At the end of each class, fitboxers receive a score out of 100%. The score serves as a ranking among fitboxers in the class and in other studios across the world. The boxing and kickboxing sequences change every two weeks. Fitboxers are able to track their progress for a particular sequence through online accounts. Brooklyn Fitboxing studios even host competitions. The Brooklyn Fitboxing World Games features head-to-head battles between studios to see which studios are hitting the tops scores.

Each rhythm-based boxing class is 47-minutes long. The first part of class is a warm-up combining joint mobility and dynamic conditioning. Instructors exemplify proper technique for each boxing move before eight rounds of boxing and kickboxing. Core and strength training exercises serve as an active recovery between rounds. Instructors take fitboxers through a cool down and stretch before class is done. While an average class burns 750 -850 calories, it’s not unusual to see individuals burning 900+ calories in a class.

Looking for a fun and competitive boxing class without the “fight club” atmosphere, then you must try Brooklyn Fitboxing Miami. The Coral Gables studio is offering a package to first timers, which includes a class, hand wraps, and a pair of gloves for $19.95. For more information about Brooklyn Fitboxing and how to book your first class click here. Be sure to follow the studio on Instagram to stay up to date with upcoming events.