Tourists have flocked to Miami for decades to experience the beaches and nightlife the city is well known for. But the tourist industry better take note, because Miami has certainly forged a name for itself as the east coast mecca for fitness, with some of the best trainers and facilities setting up shop throughout the city. Professional athletes flock here in droves during the offseason to train with some of the industry’s top talent, while others come for professional development and even careers. For 30-year fitness veteran Adam Berke, creator of Camp SoBe, this evolution has sparked a business idea sure to make waves in the fitness Industry.

A Customized Experience

CAMP SOBE is the only all-inclusive fitness getaway for singles and couples in the world. Participants can experience the spice of South Beach while staying at one of the partnering luxurious hotels. Camp SoBe consists of customized workouts and 1-on-1 motivation and professional analysis from your world class coach. Unlike any fitness program available, the Camp SoBe medical advisory board develops a nutrition plan based on laboratory results for accuracy to help you reach your goals.

“When our guests arrive we roll out the red carpet, we have a welcome onboard dinner the first evening so everyone becomes acquainted in an atmosphere of good food and wine and of course laughter,” says Camp SoBe creator, Adam Berke. “Everything I customizeable. From the trainers you select to work with, to the gyms you workout. Even our nutritional program is based off your body’s needs, and is the same one I developed for IMG Sports Academy.”

Camp SoBe

Your Week of Training

The entire week is planned out for you, so all you have to do is show up. Don’t worry, the team at Camp SoBe have thought of everything, including some poolside recovery under the beautiful Miami sun.

A typical day starts off bright and early at 9am, where you enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel before heading to the gym where your personal trainer awaits. Camp Sobe trainers go through rigorous certification, ongoing education and have a relentless focus on balance, symmetry and muscularity. They are uniquely qualified to help you breakthrough your plateaus and deliver on improvements to your physique.

“Camp SoBe prides itself on giving talented, educated fitness experts a platform to celebrate their own brand, and we help them to achieve that,” says Becker. “I hate what I see in the big box gyms with minimum wages and deplorable working conditions. I pay my trainers the highest rates anywhere; our compensation is unmatched in the industry and one of many reasons why we retain good people as part of our team.”

Camp SoBe is offering to different packages to choose from, SoBe Pumped or SoBe Jacked. More information can be found at