It has been one year since Casa Vinyasa opened their doors in South Miami. Co-owners Melissa Callahan and Lizzy Chiappy, created a space where community and yoga go beyond four walls and a mat.

For those that have never visited, Casa Vinyasa is the only studio in South Miami with infrared heating technology, something that might be more pleasing if you’re not a fan of a typical heated class.

“It’s unreal to already be celebrating a year,” said co-founder Lizzy Chiappy. “We couldn’t be happier with our yoga home and look forward to continuing to grow our family.”

Complete with a robust 59-class schedule, the heated Power Vinyasa flow is the signature class in the Casa Vinyasa lineup. The boutique studio offers non-heated classes that include Vinyasa Flow, Yogalete, Pilates y Más, Restorative Flow, Yin, Yoga for Vitality, and Yoga for Parkinson’s which is funded by the National Parkinson’s Foundation.

Casa Vinyasa is in the middle of a renovation to create more space and openness in our lobby area, including hanging plants in the Yoga room to create more “freshness” in the air.

In addition, to the one-year anniversary, Cas Vinyasa is introducing their first 200-hour teacher training, called Home Base, that begins on Friday, September 13.

A common assumption people make is that they have to be an advanced Yogi to do teacher training or have to want to be a teacher.

“Yoga teacher training is so much more than that,” said Chiappy. “It really should be called life training. The tools learned can be applied to every facet of our lives. Teacher training allows you to connect with yourself and others, to grow in your practice and in your life. It gives you the opportunity to find your voice and step into leadership.”