Environmentally conscious shoppers have a new happy place in Edgewater: Verde. The new, sustainable market is located at 2328 NE 2nd Avenue and offers enough local, organic and sustainable goods to make a Whole Foods cower in shame: organic beeswax food wrappers, natural soaps, kombucha, a small army of essential oils, nut butters, coffee and much more.

Verde’s mission is also to tackle the massive plastic waste we see in other major supermarket chains. You won’t find a plastic bag in sight here. Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own containers, jars and canvas bags or can choose from the store’s paper bags or reusable containers. You just fill ‘em up, weigh them and pay at the counter. Buy as little or as much as you need so you won’t be throwing half of it in the trash by the end of the week.

Stop by this Sunday to kickstart that detox that you’re totally going to actually stick with this time, right?

*This article was originally published by Time Out Miami here.