In recent years, Miami has forged itself as the East Coast Mecca for fitness as entrepreneurs of all kinds have opened studios, gyms and training programs to meet the increasing demand for healthy lifestyles. To set itself apart, owners have looked to incorporate new methodologies, training styles and unique equipment. Que Climb Cardio Core, South Miami’s newest boutique fitness studio.

Located on the west side of US1 directly across from Sunset Place, Climb Cardio Core is a small boutique fitness studio that combines the use of Versa Climbers and Pilates Reformers to create a unique full body workout that you can not find anywhere else.

“One of the reasons I chose to use a Versa Climber instead of the typical cardio machine is the therapeutic effect it has on the body,” says Climb Cardio Core founder and lead trainer Tara Tobin. “Our goal is to maximize your workout in a unique and energized environment.” Tobin has created an atmosphere for clients to not just workout, but to learn the right technique and get the most out of every exercise.

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