From the creator of Fitbox Method comes a new lifestyle workout concept called Cyclebox. 

“Unlike the rest of indoor cycling studios, Cyclebox focuses on comradorary instead of competition,” says Avidan Edelsberg, creator of Fitbox Method and Cyclebox. “You will share the experience and be motivated by a positive room of riders all aimed at the same goal.”

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Cyclebox takes a step back and focuses on what made indoor cycling a popular trend, “Club Music.” At Cyclebox, you will dance away calories with your teammates in front of a giant 150-inch screen showcasing the best sound tracks, music festivals and concerts.

“Our studio is nightlife inspired, with a total acoustic glow in the dark room,” boasts Edelsberg.


Classes at Cyclebox are primarily aimed at burning calories, but also provide a full body workout, including upper body strength, training while using aerobic weights and shadow boxing.

“Our goal is to make you sweat and burn calories without noticing how hard you’ve been working,” states Edelsberg. “We want to make you feel like you just came out of a night club after dancing all night.”

Classes are 45 minutes in length, and will be taught by some of the industry’s most talented instructors. Prices will range between $6 – $12 with membership, and $14 – $25 with packages.

Don’t miss the soft opening on May 8th, with the grand opening coming in June. For more information, visit