Planta, a Toronto restaurant that offers plant-based meals and burgers, is set to open its first U.S. location in South Beach.

The restaurant is expected to debut in early 2018 in partnership with David Grutman, the Miami hospitality entrepreneur best known for LIV at the Fontainebleau, OTL in the Design District, and Komodo in Brickell.

“One of my partners has Planta in Toronto, and eating there just blows me away,” says Grutman, who considers himself a part-time vegan. He says eating a plant-based diet is more than just a trend. “It’s the way the world is moving. People really care about where ingredients are coming from. I know I do.”

Grutman, who avoids dairy and egg products, says Planta will attract vegans and omnivores alike and will incorporate a mix of food, music, and atmosphere for a welcoming vibe. “I’m creating a space that has great mixology, great music, and great food. We want people to have an experience when they’re going to lunch or dinner. I think you’re going to get that here.”

Though the menu isn’t set yet, expect items similar to those at the flagship. Dishes will include cauliflower tots, plant-based crab cakes, a burger, coconut ceviche, and an “18-carrot” dog. The restaurant will also offer a vegetable sushi bar and cold-pressed cocktails.

Grutman says the main focus will be on flavor. “I want people to enjoy and not think that because they’re eating plant-based, they’re sacrificing. Planta is for everybody.”

To introduce Planta to Miami Beach, the restaurant’s chef, David Lee, will host a dinner with vegan chef and author Chloe Coscarelli as part of the lineup of events during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

*This story was originally published on Miami New Times by Laine Doss and can be found here.