Home of the Shredmill, DripFit is a high intensity group fitness studio that focuses on muscle isolation to build lean muscle while adding in sprints to effectively burn fat. Under the blue lights of the studio, you will be pushed to reach your goals with the promise of never plateauing.

“My favorite part of DripFit really is teaching people that there are so many ways to do things right and to get the body you have always wanted and deserved,” said founder and owner Tyler Anderson. “What makes us unique is by having a schedule based around body parts, you really can get maximum lean muscle growth while also not tearing down the body too much. It allows each individual client to gear their workout and schedule around their personal goals.”

Each week, the muscle isolation of the day remains the same, but the workout is always different. This means that while Monday will always be leg day, the split of the class between cardio and strength will vary, and the exercises themselves will also vary. Cardio at DripFit always features the Shredmill – a self-powered treadmill with a patented magnetic resistance system designed to increase running stride and power. DripFit is the only studio in the world that uses the Shredmill in a group fitness setting.

Programming at DripFit remains the same for the whole week, meaning reps, tempo, and resistance, and either sprints or distance. This is so that if someone misses a day, they don’t feel like they missed a type of workout that they like, and also because the goal is to always have your muscles activated with variety.

At DripFit, you can expect small classes, never more than 16 participants, with lots of personal attention to individual form and goals. The blue lighting of the room adds an intense ambiance and a TV screen lets you follow along the day’s workout.

“We really feel like we are one of the true HIIT classes out there, and if you have never tried [a Shredmill], man, are you in for a treat,” said Anderson.

DripFit just celebrated their one-year anniversary. Try it today and get your first week free! They are located at 170 Yamato Road in Boca Raton. Follow them on Instagram at @dripfit_.