Fitness brand Echelon Fitness has opened its second location right here in Miami.

It is at this studio, located at 14861 Biscayne Blvd in the Biscayne Commons shopping center, where more than 10 cycling classes a day will be held and streamed to tens of thousands of households throughout the country. The studio features 40 of Echelon’s Connect Bike, which have riders participating live with the Echelon community.

For those not in Miami, Echelon Fitness delivers live and on-demand studio fitness to the comfort and convenience of your own home. Echelon Fitness has the goal of providing smart fitness innovation at affordable prices. The brand started streaming online classes in their office in Chattanooga, TN, in January 2018, and opened their flagship studio in the same city shortly after in September 2018.

President of Echelon Fitness, Lou Lentine, loved the vibe and diversity of Miami when he was looking for a new location. It also opens up new opportunities for local fitness instructors.

“This gives teachers in Miami the ability to teach at a larger stage,” said Lentine. “There is not another brand doing what we do in Miami.”

With two classrooms at their new Florida location, Echelon will soon be adding a variety of new class formats to their schedule, including yoga, pilates, boot camp, HIIT training, and meditation. These classes will stream live on their Reflect Mirror, a touchscreen smart mirror that brings live personal training experiences into the home. All classes are designed for all fitness levels.


Lentine believes the expanding repertoire of classes is what makes Echelon unique. They do not just offer cycling classes.

“When someone joins our studio, they get a variety of boutique classes under one roof,” said Lentine.

For local residents, this new studio has locker rooms with charging stations, showers and towel service, hair and makeup stations, and retail where consumers can stock up on fitness gear and invest in home-based products like the Connect Bike or the Reflect Mirror.

In the coming months, Echelon Fitness will also be adding a smart rower and treadmill to their collection of products, and treadmill classes will also be filmed in Miami.

Unlike many boutique fitness studios, classes will be running all day, with different class lengths and a variety of times, making it really convenient to stop in for a class. For local residents, stop in for your first class free and try out your first month for only 99 cents. Echelon also has a Founding Member discounted rate of $99 per month for unlimited classes in the studio. This limited-time rate includes access to their on-demand library from home. Drop-in rates and class packs are also available.

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